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Greenhouse Price and Suppliers Kenya |Aqua Hub Kenya is the leading green house construction and supply company in Kenya. We deal in Construction and supply of green house materials, irrigation systems and solar dryers. Etc.

Green house farming in Kenya

Green house farming has become a good and profitable venture. Most small-scale farmers and rural with small pieces of land and adopting the culture of growing crops inside a green house.


Reason for Green house Farming

The main benefit for growing crops under a green house is to achieve an optimum temperature for maximum crop production levels in both hot and cold areas. Green house features enhance it to become a better temperature regulator. The presence of a proper ventilation system and disease control mechanism makes a green house a better crop growing structure.

Greenhouse Requirements

  • Green house structure materials
    Green house nets, insect nets, profiles and bars, wires, wooden poles, twines, screws, bolt, and nuts and nails.
  • Irrigation Kit
    Tanks, irrigation pipes (HDPE), Drip Tapes, Connectors, valves, Glue, and a water source
  • Fertilizer injector
    A venturi injector kit, Fertilizer tank and dispenser.
  • Crop support
    Rope twines, sticks, erected poles.

Supplying Greenhouse Materials

Green house materials are critical to transport, once bought the client should cater for transport to the construction site. This renders the Company the permission to be held liable for any damage or loss during transportation. We Supply greenhouse materials and other irrigation kits to clients who purchase from us.


Greenhouse environment

Greenhouses provide a hot environment for propagation of crops inside a green house structure. The temperature inside a green house, unlike normal outfield temperatures, is hot and less humid, thus favouring faster growth rate and production of plants.

Greenhouse Features

  • Shape – There are two design shapes of greenhouses: tunnel and vent greenhouses. Tunnel greenhouses are U- shaped, while Vented greenhouses are V or U- shaped but with a ventilation on the rooftop.
  • Ventilation – The ventilation of a green house is the space left for air circulation and temperature regulation in a green house. Ventilation is mainly fitted with insect nets to prevent insects from entering the greenhouse.

Constructing a Greenhouse


When constructing a green house, several factors need to be considered to ensure a proper structure for effective propagation. The main factors to consider are;

  •  Water availability – The presence of adequate water source and supply is necessary for use in green house farming. Water sources can be a nearby well and tank set up to connect with a drip irrigation system or direct connected pumps from a dam.
  •  Availability of enough space – Adequate space for setting up a greenhouse. The land or plot should be big to fit regular greenhouse dimensions.
  • Cost – The cost will determine the structure and type of green house. Metallic greenhouses will cost more than wooden ones.
  • Terrain – The landscape should be flat and suitable for building proper upright structures. The area should be free from rocks and thick vegetation or trees.
  •  Soil Drainage – The soil should have a good drainage and water holding capacity. Areas with clay and other waterlogging soil should be avoided.
  • Winds – The area should be calm or less windy. Strong winds destroy green house structures frequently, especially wooden greenhouses.

Challenges and Possible Solutions to Greenhouse Farming

High cost of setting up a proper greenhouse structure. Always consider setting up a smaller and affordable structure that reaches your budget.

  • Limited space for construction. Set up enough space for construction.
  • High Cost of Inputs and fertilizers – Apply natural fertilizers such as manure and compost manure.
  • High pest and diseases – use insect and pest control mechanisms such as insect nets, insecticides, and pesticides.
  • Limited Knowledge and experience of Managing a greenhouse – Farmers should consult experts, agronomists, and agribusiness technicians such as Aqua Hub Kenya for training, set up and other greenhouse products.

Pest Management practices in greenhouses

Includes the strategies and techniques for preventing or reducing the effects of pests and diseases to crops in a greenhouse. The main pest control methods are;

  • Use of insect netting
  • Planting pest resistant varieties. Scientifically improved species of crops with more production and high pest and disease resistance.
  • Proper crop rotation
  • Use of kitchen ash
  • Pesticides.

Green house Paper Prices in Kenya

Type of Greenhouse Size in Square meters  Cost in (KES.)

Metallic green house

8mx15m KES. 200,000
8mx24m KES. 270,000
8×30 KES.  340,000
16×30 KES. 650,000

Wooden Green house

8mx15m KES. 165,000
8mx24m KES. 180,000
8mx30m KES. 240,000
16mx30m KES. 360,000

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