How often should I Conduct Lawn Irrigation?

Lawn Irrigation

Are you stuck between daily irrigation or scheduled times for lawn irrigation? Learn how to determine and develop the best irrigation schedule of your lawns.

Find out the best frequency that works for your lawn or golf courses.

Why Is Ideal to Obtain an Irrigation Frequency?

Water is crucial for healthy and proper lawn growth. For total ground coverage, your lawn requires an even and consistent water supply frequency.

The presence of moisture in the ground surface keeps the lawns green and enhances deep growth of roots.

What to Consider when Deciding on an Irrigation Frequency

Type of lawn grass

Different types of grasses have different water requirements. Choose the frequency of watering your lawns according to the lawn type.

Weather condition

Consider the climate of your area to decide on the number of times you will need to water your lawns. For dry and hot areas, the frequency needs to be higher and lower for rainy areas.


During rainy seasons, the frequency of irrigation needs to be lowered, or stopped. On dry seasons, you should increase the rate of irrigation.

Advantages of Obtaining a Suitable lawn Irrigation frequency

  • Proper lawn irrigation takes place, and enough water is available for lawn growth.
  • You have more control over irrigation, and thus you will conserve more water.
  • According to the frequency you choose, you can automate lawn irrigation to take place on the days you want.
  • You can save on the cost of irrigation by either reducing the frequency of watering or lowering the irrigation rate.
  • Upright and faster growth of grass
  • Low drying of lawn grasses as maximum water is available for utilization.
  • Water is not stagnant, and lawns can be easy for use as venues and playgrounds.

Recommended time for Lawn Irrigation

It is good to irrigate lawns in the morning between 8 and 10 a.m. or afternoon between 4-6 pm.

During these times, the soil is dry, and water can easily be absorbed. The sunlight intensity is low and less evaporation rates can occur.

Lawn Irrigation

Which Lawn Sprinkler Brands are Effective?

Technology and Smart Systems to Increase efficiency of Lawn Irrigation

Moisture Sensors

Smart devices to detect rainfall and water in the atmosphere and soil. If it detects moisture, it triggers the sprinkler system to stop irrigation. On the other hand, if it detects dry conditions, it triggers the sprinkler system to irrigate the lawn.

Moisture Meters

Soil moisture meters measure the rate of irrigation. It prevents excess or lower irrigation.

Automated timers

Automatic timers control the irrigation system by starting and stopping irrigation at duration set.

They work with the help of sensors and remote-control features.

How to identify Less Water Supply in Lawns

The presence of dry grass is an evident that the lawns do not receive adequate water. Sometimes the leaves curl and start wilting.

How to Identify Excess Lawn Irrigation 

  • Fungi develops on the leaves and ground surfaces.
  • Slow growth of lawns
  • Stagnant water may appear on the grounds.

Where can I get a Sprinkler System for Lawn Irrigation?

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