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PVC Pipes in Kenya for Sale

PVC Pipes in Kenya

PVC Pipes are known for their versatile applications ranging from domestic water supply, irrigation, and industrial use. Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) pipe prices in Kenya are according to the pipe size.

Due to their ease of use and affordability, they are the most popular pipes in irrigation systems.

Common Application of PVC Pipes

  1. Agricultural uses in irrigation farming. Common pipes in Drip irrigation systems
  2. In Kenya, Water systems commonly use PVC pipes to transport clean water.
  3. Heavy-duty industrial applications in chemicals and liquid supply.
  4. Smart agriculture applications such as hydroponic farming.
  5. Electric cable insulation

Technical Data

  • Available in Diameter sizes of 16, 20, 32, 40, 50, 63, 75, 90 and 110 mm.
  • Pressure rating of PN 6 to PN 20.
  • PVC pipes come in various colors such as grey, white, or black.

Properties of PVC Pipes in Kenya

  • PVC pipes are light in weight compared to other pipes.
  • They are durable to enhance use in various water applications. Can last for 25-50 years.
  • They are grouped into classes according to density, Class A, B, C, D, and E. Class A and B stand for light and less strong while C to E stand for heavy and strong types.
  • Highly resistant to chemicals
  • Hard and resistant to abrasion
  • They do not contaminate or pollute water as PVC compounds melt at very high temperatures.

PVC Pipes in Kenya

Requirements for PVC Connections

PVC pipes in Kenya mostly work as mainline pipes in irrigation systems and water supply connections. Since the pipes are not flexible, they require various fittings to join them.

PVC fittings you may need include.

  • PVC elbows
  • PVC tee
  • End Caps for PVC
  • Male and Female Adapters for PVC
  • Ball Valves

PVC pipes in Kenya can work above or under the ground surface. For underground cases, high-density and strong classes of PVC pipes are ideal.

How to connect PVC pipes

To connect PVC pipes, the welding method is the easiest. You just heat one end of the Pipe to expand and insert the end of the pipe you are connecting to.

Joining PVC pipes to fittings requires the use of adhesive glue sealant to enhance a secure seal for a waterproof connection.

Factors to Consider when choosing PVC Pipes

Pressure range – choose pipes that can supply water under the pressure level of the system without damage.

Price Range – It is ideal to consider the cost of the pipe before deciding to purchase it.

Application – considering your intended use choose the right category of PVC pipes in Kenya. For light applications use lower-density classes such as A and B.

Size – It is good to consider the pipe size that is compatible with connection pipes and fittings.

Advantages of PVC Connections

  • They are safe for Environmental Use since they release no chemicals.
  • PVC pipes are resistant to Corrosion due to their non-reactive nature.
  • They are available in a wide range of diameter levels to suit various pipes and fittings in certain circumstances.
  • PVC pipes can withstand different pressure rates as per the recommended range of the manufacturer.
  • Strong and heavy types of PVC pipes are available for heavy-duty applications. This makes it convenient for critical applications such as waste and sewage supply.
  • The longevity of PVC pipes makes them convenient for water applications over a long period.
  • PVC pipes  in Kenya are cheaper compared to HDPE and other pipes.

Prices of PVC Pipes in Kenya

We sell our PVC pipes as per the diameter sizes of each roll. The cost of PVC pipes ranges from KES 300 to KES 15,000.

Where to Purchase PVC Pipes

Aqua Hub Kenya is a popular supplier of quality PVC pipes in Kenya. We have all sizes at affordable prices.

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