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Greenhouse polythenes in Kenya

Greenhouse Polythene Film

The type, structure, and size of a Greenhouse Polythenes in Kenya has a great impact on your growing project.
Some prospects of your greenhouse polythene paper such as thickness level, material, and color determine how long it will function properly.

What is a Greenhouse Polythene cover?

A greenhouse polythene cover houses a greenhouse structure. It is a slightly thin polythene paper with a strong tensile surface.

Greenhouse Polythene in Kenya by Aqua Hub

Aqua Hub Supplies quality greenhouse covers, solar link greenhouse cover for all designs. We have the expertise in installing greenhouse films to both wooden and metallic greenhouse in Kenya structures.
Our polythene cover are made of fresh UV treated polythene plastic materials.


  • Dimensions available in 8 x15 m, 8 x 24 m, 8 x 30 m, 16 x 24 m, and 16 x 40 m.
  • Colors available; white and yellow.
  • Plastic films made from Polythene materials

Features of a Greenhouse Polythene cover

  • 200-micron thickness level. The cover has 0.2 mm surface thickness which enhances its transparency.
  • It is translucent and allows light to penetrate through its surface. Light for plant use is available inside the greenhouse.
  • The polythene material has UV treatment which is an addition during its manufacture.
  • High Infrared and Thermal strength lower the rate of damage from high heating effect.
  • Waterproof material so that it can resist excess rainwater from entering the inside.
  • Flexibility so that it is easy to lift and install.
  • Tear resistance
  • Totally blocks air and humid air.
  • Does not corrode or react with water, air, or metal surfaces.
  • Shiny surfaces which reflect excessive heat.
  • Insulates heat trapped inside the greenhouse to maintain warm temperatures.

Greenhouses in Kenya : How to Choose a good Polythene cover

You should always seek to know what to look for in a greenhouse polythene film to be sure of a profitable long-term project. To choose a good Polythene Paper, always consider:

  • Strength of the material – The material should be strong enough to resist tear and wear.
  • Light transmission – Choose polythene films that enhance maximum light transmission.
  • UV Treatment – A Greenhouse polythene film should be UV treated to prevent exposure to UV radiation.
  • Temperature regulation – Consider reputable companies for advice on the best material to select.
  • Size – Go for the size that matches your greenhouse structure.
  • Crop Type – some crops require high light intensity than others. consider the thickness of a film that suits your crop.
  • Stretch – choose films that can stretch to reduce tension during hot temperatures.

Greenhouse Paper Maintenance Practices

  • Always avoid sharp objects near your greenhouse polythene cover walls.
  • Construct your greenhouse in places free from trees and vegetation.
  • Tuck the extension of your greenhouse polythene under the soil to prevent the wind from removing it.
  • You can frequently wash your inner parts of greenhouse film to remove dust. Dust can block light transmission.
  • Repair torn parts or replace them with a section of a greenhouse film.

Why use Greenhouse Cover?

  1. Ultimate durability of your greenhouse structure.
  2. Low fungal infections on your plants.
  3. Higher profitability comes from your investment.
  4. Wind and heavy rainfall cannot damage your crops or greenhouse polythene cover.
  5. Continuous productivity is due to consistent efficiency in your greenhouse.
  6. Less maintenance costs due to low costs of repairs and damages.

Greenhouse Polythene Price in Kenya

The Cost of a greenhouse polythene cover in Kenya is KES 110 per Square meter at Aqua Hub Kenya. We have the best polythene cover for you.

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