Venturi Fertigation Unit in Kenya

Venturi Fertigation Unit in Kenya

Venturi Fertigation Unit in Kenya

Venturi Fertigation Unit in Kenya |Venturi Fertigation System is an advanced method of supplying fertilizer to your farms using an irrigation System.
The irrigation system distributes water and supply fertilizers at the same time.
The method is cheap and easier to maintain. It requires no mechanical or any energy to operate and works with any kind of irrigation system.

Aqua Hub Kenya is a popular dealer of Venturi fertigation kits. We have Venturi kits of sizes ½, ¾, 1,1½ and 2 inches.

Components of Our Venturi Fertigation System

The Fertigation system consists of:

  • Venturi Suction tubes
  • Ball Corks
  • Hose Pipe
  • Drip Line Pipes
  • Filters
  • Valves

How a Venturi System work

Venturi Kits applies the principle of pressure difference to pump fertilizers on a farm.
Pressure at the entrance is higher as water enters at a lower speed compared to the pressure at the outlet of the injector. The pressure difference between the inlet and outlet allows fertilizer to be suctioned up into the venturi tube.
Our Venturi kits are best for drip irrigation probably because drip irrigation is installed on the base near plant roots. Fertilizers will evenly reach all plant roots through drip irrigation.

Advantages of Our Venturi Fertigation Units

  • It is Cheap to set up and use Venturi system because it does not require energy to operate.
  • The rate of fertilizer injection to the irrigation system is adjustable.
  • It is easy to operate. No manual is required to operate the fertigation system. You just need to understand the rate of fertilizer/nutrient requirement for your plants.
  • The system is effective to use. It supplies fertilizer mixture equally to all parts of the farm.

Prices of Venturi Fertigation Unit 

Size price (KES)
25 mm  KES. 2,000
32 mm  KES. 3,000
50 mm  KES. 3,600
63 mm  KES. 4,500

Where to Buy Venturi Fertigation Unit in Kenya

Aqua Hub Kenya has Quality and effective venturi injectors at affordable prices.
Call 0790719020 or email to order or make inquiries.