Rain Hose Pipes in Kenya

Rain Hose Irrigation kits

Rain Hose Pipes for Sale in Kenya

Rain Hose Pipes in Kenya. These are pipes fitted with holes placed on equal meters apart. They are useful in crop irrigation and cheaper alternative to sprinkler irrigation in terms of cost and water saving. Water can flow to farms through gravity, or a power source like generators or pressure pumps can be used to enhance water flow.

Components of Rain Pipes in Kenya

Rain Hose pipes comes with kits including connectors to join pipes, valves for controlling water flow and end caps to stop water flow.

Rain Hose Pipes in Kenya

Usability of Rain Hose Kits

The Rain Hose pipes are available in various diameter sizes from 35 mm to 55 mm. Rain Hoses supply water in both sides of the pipes on different distances depending on the size of the holes and pressure of the pipes. Water is evenly supplied to all parts of the farm hence making it an effective method of irrigating vegetables, tomatoes, onions, watermelons, pumpkins, and carrots.
The farmers should specify the size of the pipes required for the farm, depending on the type of crop intended to be irrigated using the hose pipes. Some plants require a lot of water, thus the need for large diameter pipes. The size of the farm should also be considered before purchasing hose pipes.

How to Connect Rain Pipes for Irrigation

Connect the rain hose pipes to the mainline using connectors. Fit the Hose pipe to the connector. Connect hose pipes to each other in case of large connection. Use the end caps at the end of the hose pipes for regulating water flow.


Prices of Rain Pipes in Kenya

Size Thickness Cost per meter
16 mm PN6 KES. 20/-
20 mm  KES. 35/-
25 mm  KES. 40
32 mm  KES. 50
40 mm  KES. 65
50 mm  KES. 101
63 mm  KES. 190

Where to Buy Rain Pipes in Kenya

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