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Solar Water Pumps in Kenya

Solar Water Pumps in Kenya

Get access to quality solar water pumps in Kenya from Aqua Hub Kenya. Our prices are competitive and affordable in the market.

We are reliable sources for an extensive range of pumping solutions including surface to submersible solar pumps.

We also incorporate solar inverters to convert AC Electric Water pumps to work with solar energy.

Solar Water Pumps in Kenya

Solar Water Systems and Pumps in Kenya

Solar water systems are getting more popular and more reliable every day. More irrigation farming activities and water-reliant domestic applications.

Shift from high-cost water pumps to effective solar water pumps in Kenya today with the help of Aqua Hub. There is a high return on investment of solar water pumps

Learn how to get and utilize a quality range of solar water pumps that will solve your water needs.

Our Solar Pump Accessories

Aqua Hub Solar Water Pump Systems come with solar panels, inverters, electric cables, mounting structures, and batteries. Led-ion batteries are for storing energy for use when the sun power is not available or at night.

Types of Solar Pumps

Solar Surface pumps

Solar Water pumps that work while mounted on the ground surface. Most commonly direct current (DC) motor pumps

  • Durable metal body and seal made of silicon and non-corrosive materials.
  • Higher efficiency performance.
  • Generates high pumping power using less energy.
  • Maximum head 30m
  • Maximum Flow rate that can reach up to 2.1 m³/h
  • Designed to work under a maximum Voltage of 24v and 370W power

Submersible Solar Water Pumps

Types of solar water pumps that are immersible in water to generate suction. They have a design to allows them to supply water with the entire surface inside. Useful for boreholes, deep wells, and sump or sewage pits.

  • Made of Stainless Steel body surface
  • Available in a wide range of sizes
  • Maximum head of 220 m
  • Flow rates about 6 m
  • Power of 400w, 600w and 2200w

Choose Aqua Hub LTD for Smart Solar Water Pumps: Here’s to Why

Aqua Hub Solar Water pumps are affordable water supply options for a wide range of industries.

Our solar systems are perfect solutions for cutting down production costs in farm irrigation, domestic water supply, and industrial use.

The solar water pumps we engage you run on free sun power, you only incur the cost of initial purchase and installation.

The design and technology of their manufacture make them durable and less prone to damage. Solar panels require less maintenance which makes them reliable for use all the time.

How to Choose Solar Panels for Your Water Pump

To find the right size and number of solar panels suitable for your water pumps, you should consult our technicians. Consider the water needs and water sources you plan drawing water from. The capacity of the solar panels determine the size and number of panels you need.

For 100KW solar panel you need about 12 panels, for 200 KW panels you may need around 8-10 panels. A 1Hp water pump generally uses 1200 watts of electricity for running.

Benefits of Solar Water Pumps

  • Highly reliable for continuous water supply and use.
  • Solar water pumps are easy to operate.
  • Zero cost of running solar water pumps.
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Solar pumps and accessories last for a long time.
  • Have positive impacts on environmental conservation. Solar water pumps and systems work using solar power and thus do not release chemicals to the ecosystem.

How Much are Solar Water Pumps in Kenya?

Convenient Solar Water Pumps in Kenya are available at Aqua Hub for the fair price range of KES 30,000 to KES 150,000.

We supply Solar systems, pumps, irrigation systems, and other related accessories to all parts of Kenya and East Africa.
Our Contact; 0790719020

Frequently Asked Questions

How many Solar panels do are required for to power a 1 HP pump?

It depends on the capacity of solar panels you choose. For 100KW solar panel you need about 12 panels, for 200 KW panels you may need around 8-10 panels. A 1Hp water pump generally uses 1200 watts of electricity for running.

Are Battery Cells necessary for Solar Pumps Systems?

Batteries are convenient for storing the excess sun power harnessed by the solar panels. The stored energy is important for use during periods of no sun power.

How Much is a Solar Water Pump In Kenya?

Solar water pumps costs between KES 20,000 to KES 150,000.

Who Conducts Quality Installation of Solar Water Pumps in Kenya?

Get quality installation services of solar panels and solar water pumps from Aqua Hub Kenya. We sale and mount solar panels and pumps at low costs.

How do I choose Solar Water Pumps?

Consider the Size, Flow rates, prices and specifications including your water needs and water sources.

Where Can I Purchase Best Solar Water Pumps in Kenya?

Aqua Hub Kenya