Ideal Number of Sprinklers for One Acre

Sprinklers for One Acre

It is common to use sprinklers for big areas or extensive outfield irrigation. However, a farm size of one acre or less can also be watered with smaller types of sprinklers.

Why You Should Apply Sprinklers

Sprinkler irrigation is a more advanced way to meet high water needs in a variety of garden crops.

Sprinklers are available in different types and features which makes them suitable for various crops and applications.

Recommended Type of Sprinklers for Farm Per Acre

Rain Gun Sprinklers

Rain Gun sprinklers are large sprinkler heads with a wide range of flow rates.  They are best for crops such as fodder, corn, sugarcane, wheat, cotton, and sorghum.

Such types of sprinklers are good for one acre or large covering tracks of land. Most common in commercial production projects. Due to the higher spray radius, they can water large areas in a shorter period.

Number Of Rain Gun Sprinklers for One acre

1 ½ inch rain guns –  3 to 5 sprinkler heads

2-inch rain gun – approximately 2 sprinkler heads for an acre of land.

2 ½ -inch – 1 sprinkler head

Impact Sprinklers

Sprinkler heads release uniform water in the form of circular sprays to crops on the field.

Body surfaces can be made of plastic or non-corrosive painted brass metal.

They are durable and efficient for irrigation of various low-height vegetables, trees, fruits, and lawns or grass fields. Brass impact sprinklers are stronger and more expensive than plastic ones.

Various sizes ranging from ¾ to 1½ inches are available with good flow rates. You can select a perfect size that matches the water needs of your crops.

Number of Impact Sprinklers for One Acre

For ½ impact sprinkler approximately 25-30 sprinkler heads are enough to evenly water an acre of land.

You can use about 10-15 1-inch impact sprinklers for an acre of farm depending on the crops you are propagating.

Micro Sprinklers

Smaller plastic sprinkler heads release smaller flow rates of water. Best for irrigating delicate crops with lower water requirements. Normally available in inlet diameter sizes of 16mm.

Due to the smaller flow radius, they are ideal for the irrigation of vegetables such as cabbage, kale, and lettuce. Also suitable for chili and peas, bean plants, and groundnuts.

Number of Micro Sprinklers for One Acre

For an acre farm, it may take around 60-80 micro sprinklers is ideal.

Cost of Sprinklers for One Acre in Kenya

Sprinkler Type Spray Radius  Cost 
Sprinkler 3/4 “-Plastic 8–12 meters  KES 500
Sprinkler 1″ – Brass 12–20 meters  KES 4,000 
Sprinkler 1.5″-Brass 20–28 meters  KES 7,000
Sprinkler 2″- Brass 28–36 meters  KES 9,000 

Sprinkler Irrigation Installation in Kenya by Aqua Hub

We conduct quality installation of sprinklers for one acre at affordable costs.

Assessment of your farm and soil suitability for sprinkler irrigation is the first step to begin with.

We start by scheduling a site visit to your farm to check the landscape and measurements.

Installation includes the connection of the pipes and sprinkler heads to the water source and the farm. According to the type of crops you have we will recommend the correct sprinkler head and spacing to use.

Components of Sprinkler Installation

To install sprinklers for a land size per acre, you need;

  • Mainline Pipes
  • Delivery of Hose pipes
  • Connectors
  • Male Adapter
  • Control Valve
  • Stands
  • Teflon Tape
  • Sprinkler Heads

Sprinkler for Sale at Aqua Hub, Kenya

Quality Sprinklers ideal for irrigation per acre of land is at Aqua Hub Kenya, sold at affordable prices. Make your orders for an on-time delivery.

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