Water Pumps

Water Pump Prices in Kenya

Water Pump Prices in Kenya

Water Pump Prices in Kenya varies depending on the kind and grade of the pump. In Kenya, Aqua Hub provides the greatest types of agricultural water pumps. Irrigation water is evacuated at increased pressure by our water pumps. We classify them according to their function, location, and power. We are the country’s leading supplier of well-known water pump brands. Aqua hub provide a wide range of water pumps to fit a variety of applications and demands. Furthermore, we’ve been in the sector for a long time, and with our knowledge and experience, we have the potential to become top suppliers of water pumps both locally and regionally. We have the most affordable water pump rates in Kenya.

Water Pump Prices in Kenya
Water Pump Prices in Kenya
Water Pump Prices in Kenya

Water pumps

A water pump is an electromechanical device that raises the pressure of water in order to transport it from one location to another. Modern water pumps are utilized to deliver water for municipal, industrial, agricultural, and residential purposes all over the world. In sewage treatment plants, water pumps are also utilized to transfer wastewater. Modern water pumps are often powered by electricity, although they can also be powered by diesel or gasoline engines. Solar panels may be used to power tiny pumps in some isolated settings, such as desert regions.

Water pumps are available in a variety of types. Furthermore, there is no one-size-fits-all pump for every situation. One thing is certain: a water pump is mostly used to reduce downtime caused by heavy rains and to transport water from one location to another.

How to categorize water pumps for irrigation

The categorization of water pumps will depend on the role, placement, and power. Therefore, we categorize as role-based water pumps, placement-based water pumps and power-based water pumps.

Role-based categorization.

High pressure pumps – High-pressure pumps generate the operating pressure and supply water to the spraying device. Generally, they can be divided into positive displacement pumps and hydraulic intensifiers. Positive displacement pumps are standard for hydrodemolition applications. These are water pumps having a head of more than 50 meters. They can push water vertically at a 90-degree angle. They pump water from a deep source, such as a borehole or an underground tank, at high elevations.

Low pressure pumps – Low-pressure pumps have centrifugal heads of up to 80 meters. The recirculation is powered by low-pressure pumps, heat exchangers keep the liquids at a constant temperature, and the mixing head is positioned to keep the reactants separate.

Placement-based categorization.

Surface pumps –  Surface pumps are used to transport water from surface sources such as springs, ponds, tanks, or shallow wells. The majority of our surface pumps are diaphragm or rotary vane pumps that may be driven solar-direct for easy, low-cost operation.

Submersible pumps – Submersible pumps are centrifugal pumps with flooded hydraulic components (pump casing, impeller, diffuser element). Typically, this sort of pump does not have a suction line.

Power-based categorization

Solar pumps – Solar-powered pumps use electricity generated by solar panels or the sun’s radiated heat energy. Solar-powered water pumps operate by turning the sun’s rays (photons) into electricity to power the pump.

Electric pumps – The electrical pump is a multistage subsurface centrifugal pump powered by an electric motor. Electric power is provided from the transformer via the switchboard, and it is then routed from the switchboard to the electrical submersible pump motor via a power cable linked to the tubing.

Generator pumps – They are again categorized into petrol pumps and diesel pumps.

Water Pump Prices in Kenya

ModelTypePrice (Ksh)
AICO ACP80Petrol16,500
AICO ACP50H2 High PressurePetrol28,500
Honda WL20XYPetrol34,000
Honda WP40Petrol84,500
Pacwell LT30hd High PressureDiesel72,500
Pacwell LT20hd High PressureDiesel54,500
Pacwell 80kbDiesel48,500
Stallion Germany Diesel High Pressure Water PumpDiesel77,500
Pedrollo PKm60Electric9,000
AICO Akp60Electric5,500
AICO Akp70Electric7,500
AICO 0.5hp deep well Electric19,500
AICO 3.0hp deep well Electric34,000
AICO 4.0hp deep well Electric65,000

Factors to consider before buying a pump

Understanding one’s requirements can help you decide which pump features are most essential to you and, in turn, how much you should pay for the pump. Pumps come in a wide variety of styles, manufacturers, and brands on the Kenyan market. The following are some of the characteristics you should search for:

Water Pump Prices in Kenya
  1. Flow rate
  2. The pump pressure
  3. Quality of the pump
  4. Power

A bad pump purchase might cost you money. We can assist you in making the best water pump decision for your requirements. Additionally, we will assist you in selecting the best brand in the required category from among the many distinct ones offered nationwide. ELDORET: 0759372241 or NAIROBI: 0790719020 are our contact numbers.