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Diesel Pumps for Irrigation in Kenya

Fuel Water Pumps for Irrigation

Diesel Pumps for Irrigation in Kenya

Diesel Pumps for Irrigation in Kenya |Supplying irrigation water to farms can be challenging especially where high pressure is a target to meet the water flow rate you require.

Water pumps are fuel engine machines for pumping water from dams, rivers, wells, and reservoirs to tanks or directly to farms.

Why Water Pumps?

Fuel Water Pumps for Irrigation

Irrigation systems such as Sprinklers require high pressure pumps to enhance water flow to tanks or directly to the farm.

Water pumps are effective for pumping water at cheap cost. They can pump more water using less diesel fuel.

They have engines which burn diesel oil to produce more energy for high workload unlike petrol engines which require a lot of fuel.

Types of Diesel Water Pumps

  • High pressure pumps – Water pumps that pump water under high pressure. They pump water to a vertical head of 80 m under a suction height of 6 m.
  • Low pressure pumps – They pump water under low pressure of about 10 cubic meters per minute. The water head is always below 50 m under a suction head of 6 m.

Components of Diesel Pumps

  • suction tubes
  • impeller—Pushes water in the suction tubes to the mainline pipes.
  • Pressure switch—Regulates pressure of water flow.
  • Valves and suction tube seal—closes the water suction tube and prevents water from spilling out.
  • HDPE or PVC suction pipe—For sucking water from the source to the suction tubes.
  • Filtration kit—Filters water before it is sucked into the suction tubes.
  • Combustion engine—Enhances fuel combustion for generation of suction power.
  • Oil (Petrol) tank – for storing combustion fuel. Has a capacity of up to 10 Litres oil depending on the size of the pump.

Fuel Water Pumps for Irrigation

How Water Pumps work

Diesel water pumps are portable and designed with handles for easier mobility.
The pump is switched on, the impeller rotates and forms a centrifugal force which pushes water to the mainline pipes.

Pressure change between water in the suction tube and water source allows water to flow into the suction tubes. To increase the pressure of water flow, you have to increase the impeller rotation speed using the pressure switch.

Cost of Diesel Water Pump Prices in Kenya

Model/ Brand of the Pump Size of the Pump (inches) Price (KES.)
 AICO 2                                   18,000.00
AICO 3                                   20,000.00
HONDA 2                                   40,000.00
HONDA 3                                   43,000.00

Where to Buy Diesel Pumps for Irrigation in Kenya

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