Booster Pump Prices in Kenya : 6+Brands

Booster Pump Prices in Kenya

Booster Pumps increases the pressure and flow rates of low water pressure in a system by providing force needed to pump water into various applications. Aqua Hub LTD had wide range of booster water pumps supply for affordable prices in Kenya. We deal with popular models of top brands.
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Booster Pumps Specifications

 Pump Model Motor Horsepower


Max Flow(m3/h) Max Head (m) Outlet
KW Current(A)
DDP 60 0.37 2.5 0.5 2.4 40 1”
DDP 60E 0.37 1.8 0.75 2.2 38 1”
DDP 65 0.75 5.2 1 3 55 1.5”
PKM 60 0.37 2.4 0.5 2.8 42 1”
PKM 65 0.5 3.4 0.75 3 56 1”
PKM 80 0.75 4.8 1 3 71 1”
PKM 100 1.1 8.2 1 3 86 1”

4 Components of Booster Pumps

Booster Pumps have the same parts as a normal water pump.

  • Motor
  • Impellers
  • Inlet and outlet
  • Pressure sensors

2 Types of Booster Pumps in Kenya

Booster Pump Prices in Kenya

Booster Pump Prices in Kenya

Single-Stage booster Pumps

Single-stage pumps have one impeller. They are applicable in low pressure water supply in single buildings.

Multi-stage booster Pumps

Multi-stage booster water pumps have multiple impellers. They are designed to pump water under high pressure and are often used in big buildings.

Booster Pumps with Expansion Tanks

Some booster pumps have additional storage tanks to prevent the pump from cycling on and off once the faucet is turned on.
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How Booster Pumps work

A booster pump is a  type of water pump increases the pressure of water which in turn raises the rate of flow in your system. For instance, when you want to supply water from a tank to be used in domestic water supply systems. You will require a booster water pump to increase pressure for water to enhance pressure flow in taps, bathrooms, showers, and toilet flushes.
Booster pumps have impellers inside or oscillating diaphragms which increases the pressure and flow rate of water. Booster pumps with oscillating diaphragms are designed with two plates: one with a cup and one with a notch. When the plates roll together, they compress the cup and squeeze water out.

How to install Booster Pumps

Booster pumps are installed at a point where you want to draw water from.
Connect the pump inlet to the mainline pipe coming from the water source.
Connect the outlet pipe to the supply pipe.
Link the connection to a bypass connection.
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3 Tips for Installing Booster Water Pumps

  1. 1. Install a bypass connection in case the pump breaks down. If the pump malfunctions and requires troubleshooting, a bypass enables you to isolate it. Water can still reach the destination without using the pump.
  2. Once you complete setting up the booster pump, run it before connecting to the house or farm. At times it may experience leaks which causes it to cycle due to variation in flow rates and can cause it to start and stop rapidly.
  3. Always ensure that there is no leak in your connection so that the pump can boost water pressure effectively. Since booster pumps are activated by flow rates, you can easily know whether the pump is faulty or not by isolating it in case of a leakage.

Booster Pumps Application

  • Water treatment plants
  • Industrial supply of water to points that require high pressure flow of water.
  • Directing fluid or water for blasting rocks or extraction of fuel in mining sites.
  • Increasing pressure of water flow in lawn |pop up sprinkler and other irrigation systems
  • Boosting pressure rates in domestic water supply systems.
  • Increasing water pressure to ensure it reaches all rooms in commercial buildings such as hotels.

Booster Water Pump Prices in Kenya

 Pump Model Prices (KES)
Booster Pump Prices in Kenya DDP 60 6,600
DDP 65 15,600
Booster Pump PKM 60 9,800
PKM 65 20,500
PKM 80 36,500
PKM 100 99,800

Top Booster Pump Supplier in Kenya

Purchasing booster pumps requires insight from experts’ suppliers and professionals in the field. Best Suppliers have knowledge of top reliable brands, technical specifications, and affordable booster pump prices in Kenya.
We offer advice and assistance in choosing the best booster pumps, general water pumps and supply solar water pump solutions that can solve your water challenges.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need a booster pump?
    Answer : It depends on the pressure of water supply in your domestic pipe systems or irrigation systems. If the pressure is lower than the needed level, you require a booster pump.
  • How do I know the size of a booster pump to buy?
    Answer : Know the distance of the water source and destination of supply. You must also look into the pressure levels and flow rates you want your water supply or irrigation system to reach.
  • What should I consider when shopping for a booster pump?
    Answer :You should look at a pump that meets your desired flow rate, the volume of water you want to pump and the pressure you want to achieve.
  • Which position is a booster pump installed in a pipe connection?
    Answer : In the mainline where water enters certain number of supply pipes.
  • How Much does it cost to buy a booster Pump in Kenya

Answer:  Price Ranges from KES 6,000 – KES 150,000 depending on the size.

  • What is the cost of installing a booster pump?

It depends on the size of the pump, labor required and number of pumps