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booster Pumps in Kenya

Domestic and municipal water supply systems often encounter pressure and head losses due to long distances and multiple supply connections. Booster pumps in Kenya are available for solving low-pressure challenges in areas with high-pressure needs.

Water supply at the required pressure may fail for high-pressure applications such as taps, showers, and flush toilets.

You need a high-pressure booster pump to increase the pressure of the water in the irrigation system.


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Cost of Our Pumps

We sell our booster pumps in Kenya at varying price ranges depending on the size and brand of each Pump. Generally, it can cost from as low as KES 15,000 to KES 100,000 for small to big sizes.

What is a Booster Pump?

A booster pump is a kind of water pump that raises the pressure of water in a supply connection where water comes from one main supply pipe. The pressure of water moving along the pipes is not enough to supply water to applications that need high pressure to function.

In other circumstances, water has to be supplied from the basement to the upper floors of residential buildings. Normal water pressure cannot move it up, hence a booster pump is necessary to provide the force to push water up.

Cases that Require Booster Pumps in Kenya?

There are many circumstances in which you will need to use a water pressure booster pump. They include.

  • When you need to increase the pressure of water and flow rate in a domestic supply system
  • Where the source of water is a far distance and the point of use features multiple applications.
  • In High-pressure irrigation systems such as sprinkler systems to increase the water flow in case of head losses and pressure drops.
  • Agricultural water supplies from boreholes that need to go up from the ground and back to the business or property.
  • Commercial and industrial applications where there is high demand and water may need to be pumped to different floors or storey buildings, such as factories

Our booster pumps and accessories are sourced from popular manufacturers and brands such as Grundfos, Ebara and Lowara.

As every building design and its needs are different, we recommend pressure booster pump that are customized to meet the exact water supply needs of our clients.

How to Select the Ideal Booster Pump for your System

booster Pumps in Kenya


If you are looking for a booster pump but unsure which one is suitable for your application needs, here is what you need to know.

Consider your Pump Application

The application type whether it is supply of water to residential buildings, agricultural purposes or industrial uses determines the size you need. Booster pumps are available in sizes of up to 20 HP.

What are the Required Flow Rate and Pressure?

The booster pump’s flow rate and pressure ratings vary as per the size and brand. Consider the flow rates that match the needs for your system to operate effectively.

Pump size Evaluation

Determine the suitable size of the pump that can work best for you. Size the pump using the pressure and flow rate parameters. Determine the normal pressure and the pressure rating of the booster pump to identify if it can add up to the needed pressure.

Power Source

Consider the type of power source that a booster pump works on before deciding on choosing it. From electric to diesel engine booster pumps, consider the cost-effective option for you. Electric types are less costly to operate but diesel or petrol booster pumps are great for areas without electricity.

Consider the Kind of Pump

What type of booster pump is the ideal one for your use? Choose between single-stage and multi-stage applications. Single-stage centrifugal pumps are for application in residential buildings for pumping water. Multi-stage pumps are suitable for high-pressure demanding applications such as multi-story buildings, pumping water to highly raised tanks or rooftops from basements.

Benefits of Our Water Pumps

Ease of installation – Our booster pumps are easy to assemble, use, and maintain. However, you don’t have to worry if you have no installation knowledge as our technicians are equipped with skills to install them easily for you.

Versatile in Applications – wide range of water pressure applications

Energy efficient – Booster pumps consume less energy since they are made of motor engines that use less power.

Increased water pressure – Booster pumps raise the pressure bars to attain the flow rates and PSI Units needed for water flow applications.