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Water Pumps for Drainage Systems in Kenya

Water Pumps for Drainage Systems

Water Pumps for Drainage Systems

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Water Pumps for Drainage Systems

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Drainage water pumps are important in suction of water or sewage waste in residential area, industries, schools, and mining sites. Water pumps for drainage systems provide the force to move the liquid waste in areas where gravity cannot allow the flow.

Most buildings store waste in septic tanks or sewage treatment plants which require pumps to supply waste to it. Similarly, rainwater collected in excavation holes or tanks in basements of buildings can be pumped using drainage pumps.

Components of Water Pumps for Drainage Systems

  1. Impellers
  2. Suction base
  3. Delivery hose pipe
  4. Casing (can be steel or strong plastic)
  5. Float Switch external.
  6. Power Cable 10 m long.
  7. Union fitting for outlet connection.
  8. Check Valve
  9. Motors – with a thermal cut out to protect the pump from thermal overload.

Types of Water Pumps for Drainage Systems

Submersible Drainage Pumps

Submersible Drainage pumps distribute water from basements of buildings to rooftops or raised tanks. It can also suction water from rivers, tanks, or dams to a storage unit through a pipe connection. The connection must include a check valve or non-return valve to prevent backflow of water during suction.

These drainage pumps are made of stainless-steel protection casing which makes it last a long time.

The models of submersible drainage pumps vary with the ability to handle silt water.

Surface Drainage Pumps

Work on the surface of the ground with a suction pipe and a foot valve or check valve below to prevent water from flowing back. The surface pump has impellers that push water to the delivery pipes and steel casing to protect it. Can be connected to a float switch to prevent damage to the pump when the source runs dry.


How to Install Water Pumps for Drainage System

Water Pumps for Drainage Systems

Installation can be done to include a float switch or without it. Inclusion of a float switch makes the system to automatically switch on the pump when the water levels get low on the tank.

Choosing to install without a pressure valve requires a manual process of switching the pump on and off.

To install a drainage best Water Pump:

  1. Decide on a suitable space to install your drainage pump. Depending on Whether submersible or surface drainage pump.
  2. Connect the power cable from the pump to the electricity source. Necessary wiring needs an electrician.
  3. Connect the pump to a float switch to protect it from damage due to dry runs
  4. Mount the pump if it is a surface pump.
  5. Lower the pump to the well, in case you are using a submersible drainage pump
  6. Enhance other safety measures before testing the pump.
  7. Prime and test your pump.

Deciding on the Choice of Drainage Water Pump to Use

Choice of water pumps for drainage systems depends on certain factors such as;

The application of the pump – what you intend to do with the pump matters. This involves the source or where you are removing water from.

Depth of the pit or water source – The depth of the pit where water needs to be drained from should be considered to identify the type of pump to choose.

Particle Content level – Consider the level of solid particles available in the fluid you want to transport. Various drainage pumps are suitable for varying fluids depending on particle content.

Density of the fluid or water – Drainage pumps are suitable for light and less corrosive fluids

Durability – Purchase durable, quality drainage pumps from reputable brands.

Flow rate – consider the flow rate to factor in the suitability of the pump to handle your needs.

Pressure rating – Will the pump match the pressure requirement for it to fill your storage tanks at the desired time?

Applications of Water pumps in Drainage Systems

  • Extraction of flood water in residential buildings or base rooms.
  • Irrigation water pumping in agricultural settings
  • Removal of stagnant water in mining pits
  • Pumping semi-treated water waste

Prices of Water Pumps for Drainage Systems in Kenya

Costs can vary from KES 12,000 to KES 50,000 depending on the pump type.

Where to Purchase Water Pumps for Drainage Systems in Kenya

Aqua Hub Kenya has quality water pumps for drainage systems, available in various types depending on application.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a drainage Pump?

  •  A pump that moves water and sewage waste through pipe connections from the source whether basement, well, pit, or tank to the storage point.

Which type of pump should I choose between a surface and submersible pump?

  • It depends on the type of application that requires the use of a pump.

Can Drainage Pumps be installed permanently?

  • Yes. You can install a pump permanently on protected grills or auto coupling systems.

What is the difference between a drainage pump and a sewage pump?

  • Drainage pumps supply water with fewer particles, while sewage pumps supplies sewage waste with solids.

Which type of pump is commonly used in drainage systems?

  • Centrifugal pumps with special suction that accommodates waste. Call: 0790719020

 Is there a pump with the highest flow rate?

  • Yes. Centrifugal pumps have high flow rates because it pumps light fluids.

Which Pumps for Septic Tanks?

  • Sewage ejector pumps, call 0790719020 for pictures and prices