Greenhouse Polythene Covers in Kenya

Greenhouse polythene covers

The goal of every greenhouse farmer is to get high and quality yield in production. The steps to realization of this goal start with a perfect greenhouse polythene cover used on the structure.

Polythene covers are reliable materials for constructing greenhouses in Kenya.

Greenhouse Polythene Covers in Kenya

Options for a greenhouse cover are available,  but the problem is knowing which is suitable for your application. However, with our holistic guide, you will get all the knowledge to choose a better polythene cover.

Aqua Hub has the perfect greenhouse polythene covers at cheap and customer-friendly prices.

Properties of a Greenhouse Cover


Greenhouse covers are available in yellow, cream, and brilliant white colors. The type of color determines the light transmission rates. For brilliant colors, more light is reflected.


For greenhouse farming, a polythene cover needs to be about 200 microns in size.

UV treatment

UV treatment prevents degradation from UV radiation. Most polythene covers are made from UV-treated Polycarbonate materials.

Waterproof Surface

A greenhouse cover is a waterproof material and does not let unconducive air and water interfere with crops inside.

Smooth Surface

The smooth surface of a polythene cover allows it to minimize friction and tear during installation. It also enables rainwater to slide down easily and lower damage.


The flexible nature makes it easier to fold and install the polythene cover.

How to Choose a Good Polythene

Look at the Light transmission

The light transmission rates should be 80% for better plant growth and photosynthesis.

Polythene films have varying light transmission rates depending on the sunlight rate at the region of use.

Durability Matters

The duration of longevity is the next considerable point. Longevity determines whether it is worth choosing a certain polythene cover material.

For better performance and durability, go for UV-treated Polythene Covers. You can determine that by buying from Popular and reputable brands in Kenya.

Size of your Greenhouse

Desirable Greenhouse size gives you the approximate budget it will cost you to acquire a polythene cover. In a simple context, the total measurement for the greenhouse cover needs to fit the greenhouse dimensions.

Cost of the Polythene Cover

Decide on which perfect polythene cover suits your greenhouse project estimate budget. You can get a size that matches the money you have.

Crop Type

At times we also consider the type of crop we are planning to grow. Some crops require more sunlight than others and are good for polythene covers with high light transmission levels.

Benefits of Using Greenhouse Polythene Covers

  1. Application of Greenhouse paper makes the environment conducive for producing crops in certain areas.
  2. The materials are affordable greenhouse covering compared to other materials for covering.
  3. Greenhouse polythene is light in weight. It does not exert weight on the poles thus enabling prolonged strength.
  4. The covers are easier to package, transport, and install.
  5. The Polythene material is customizable according to the size of your greenhouse project.
  6. Polythene covers can get attached to greenhouse poles and profile bars using wires or ropes.
  7. There are a variety of options to choose from. Cream, yellow, or white color depending on your needs.

Greenhouse Polythene Cost in Kenya

1 Square meter of Greenhouse Polythene Cover in Kenya cost KES 110 at Aqua Hub Kenya.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does a greenhouse paper cost in Kenya?

KES 110

2. What is the best material to cover a greenhouse?

Plastic Polycarbonate Resin –  It is a compound of Polyethylene materials which has good insulation and high durability.

3. Is polythene good for greenhouse Construction?

Greenhouse covers are good primary covers for greenhouse structures.

4. What is the best polythene for a greenhouse?

Aqua Hub’s Greenhouse Polythene Covers are the most effective materials for temperature regulation in greenhouses

6. What grade of plastic is used for greenhouses?

200-micron level Polythene cover

7. How Long does greenhouse polythene last?

It can last for at least 3 years.

8.Where Can I Buy Quality Greenhouse Polythene Covers in Kenya?

Aqua Hub Kenya

Call 0790719020