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Mulching Films for Sustainable Crop Growing

Mulching films

Today it is a common practice to use mulching films as weed control on the farm. Mulching covers are great innovations to curb weed growth and allow organic pest and disease control. Moreover, it also makes it easier to conserve water in the soil and reduce overall usage.

Why are mulching films Important?

There is a greater impact of laying mulching films on the crop field that exceeds the main role of weed control. As much as it may look a bit weird, costly, and unnecessary, it can enhance efficiency in crop farming.

Properties of Mulching Covers

  • Light polythene sheet materials
  • Available in different colors. Common colours are black and white.
  • Density varies depending on the crop or soil to use on.
  • UV treated so that they can resist High radiation effects.
  • Reflective shiny surface to prevent heat from damaging soil humus.
  • Thickness ranges from 15 to 30 microns.
  • Waterproof to prevent evaporation and soil erosion from rainwater.
  • Non-corrosive nature prevents them from reacting with water or air, thus durable.

How are Mulching Films Used?

The mulching covers apply to various gardens and greenhouse crops that have a uniform spacing.

To lay the paper on the ground, open the roll and bring it over the plant line. Making holes in the film using a hot metal can allow plants to emerge from.

Which Crops Require Covering?

Mulching films are suitable for lower-covering crops such as Vegetables and fruits. Crops with shallow roots as well can sometimes not find enough water from the soil.

Vegetables: spinach, kales, tomato, capsicum, broccoli and cabbage.

Fruits: Strawberry, Raspberries, grapes, Avocado plants.

Benefits of Mulching Films

Temperature Control

Mulching films act as temperature control materials. They warm the soil during cold periods and reflect excessive heat during hot regions.

Moisture Retention

Mulching prevent evaporation as they shield the soil from sunlight. Moisture in the soil can thus remain for plant access at any time. Moist soil is also good for nutrient balance and uptake by the roots.

Weed Control

Weeds dominance is a nightmare for every farmer. With numerous chemicals available for weed suppression, we recommend mulching films. Using film is reliable, cheaper, and environmentally friendly as compared to herbicides.

Fertilizer Retention

Mulching allows fertilizer and nutritious soil to remain intact for a long time. The covers protect the soil from surface runoff erosion.

Crops Mature Faster

The covers make it possible for plants to get enough moisture during dry periods. Therefore, crops mature faster to their full potential.

Why you Should Get Mulch Paper from Aqua Hub

Aqua Hub Kenya is a reliable dealer of mulching films for agricultural crop growing. Our films are UV-treated materials that are durable for a long time.

You are sure to lower the cost of irrigation, and labor. Enhance soil and water conservation in your farms with our quality purpose mulching films.

How much is a Mulching Film in Kenya?

The price of mulching Film is KES 45 per square meter at Aqua Hub Kenya.

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