Greenhouses in Kenya

Greenhouses in Kenya

Greenhouses by Aqua Hub Kenya

Aqua Hub Kenya Limited has the most affordable and quality Greenhouses in the Kenyan market.

Our Greenhouses are in the following structures and sizes ;


Size /Structure Wooden Greenhouse /Components Metallic Greenhouse /Components
( 8 x 15 ) m UV-Treated Polythene-200 microns UV-Treated Polythene-200 microns
( 8 x 24 )m UV-Treated Insect Netting UV-Treated Insect Netting
( 8 x 30 ) m Wooden Structure ( Plus Wooden Entry Pouch) Galvanized Structure ( Plus Metallic Entry Pouch)
( 16 x 30 ) m Drip Kit & Filtration System Drip Kit & Filtration System

We have vast experience in design and installation of both Galvanized steel and Wooden Greenhouses .

During installation our technicians consider quite a number of factors such as topography, climate patterns and market trends of the region so as to achieve and attain maximum customer satisfaction.

Installation Process of Greenhouses in Kenya

Installation of Greenhouses is simple , attractive and satisfying process however there are some underlying factors for effective and successful installation

  • Effective casuals
  • Enough lead time & weather conditions during constructions

Wooden Greenhouses

We prioritize customer needs and tailored made all our projects to suit them.