Irrigation Water Filters

Filters for Drip Irrigation in Kenya

Filters for Drip Irrigation in Kenya

Filters for Drip Irrigation in Kenya|The goal of clean water supply is to avail pure water free from impurities, minerals, and dirt particles.
With Aqua Hub Kenya Water filters, you can meet the goal of effective water distribution on your drip irrigation systems.

What is an Irrigation Water Filter?

An irrigation water filter is equipment used to separate or remove dirt, obstacles, silt, and other particles that may clog irrigation pipes from the irrigation water.
Filters are important in sieving particles that could probably seal the pipes. Clogging of pipes affects irrigation as it reduces pressure of water and blocks water from reaching the drip lines.

How to use Filters for Drip Irrigation in Kenya

Screen Filters in Kenya

  • Connect the filter to the source ( From Tank)
  • Adjust to have control valve before the filter
  • Ensure the direction flow of water is connected appropriately

Specifications of our Drip irrigation Filters

• Our Screen & Disc filters are available in sizes of 25 mm, 32 mm, 50 mm and 63 mm.

Types of Water Filters

Screen Filters for Drip irrigation
• Used in irrigation systems with low pressure moving water.
• Screen Filters have screens with net-like plastic filters on the inner part of the filter.

Disc Filters for Drip Irrigation

• Made of plastic discs vertically attached together.
• The Disc filters are applicable to irrigation systems with high pressure requirements for particles to be captured.

Water Filters for Irrigation prices in Kenya

Size (mm) Price (KES)
25 mm 800
32 mm 1,000
50 mm 2,500
63 mm 3,500
Where to buy Filters for Drip Irrigation in Kenya

Filters for Drip Irrigation in Kenya
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