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Best Irrigation Systems for Dragon Fruits

Irrigation Systems for Dragon fruits

To determine the best irrigation system that can be ideal for watering dragon fruits, we need to understand the optimal growing conditions for the plant.

Environmental Conditions for Growing Dragon Fruits

Dragon fruit grows in a hot environment with well-drained soil and less water requirement. Water needs to rise during the fruit formation stage or at the young development stage to enhance survival in the hot environment.

Therefore, button drip irrigation is the best way to irrigate dragon fruits as it delivers a precise and sufficient supply of water to the plants.

How to Grow Dragon Fruits in Kenya

As usual, the first or initial step is to prepare the area set aside for planting dragon fruits.  Cultivate the land after clearing the vegetation to give room for cultivation. The soil should be smooth and less compact for easier root growth and water penetration.  Break the soil particles and remove any rocks or tree roots on your land.

Making beds

We are going to use button drippers, so it is ideal to make beds or sections on your farm. Beds are flat and ensure balance in the water supply to all the dragon fruits in the open field or greenhouse.

Spacing Dragon Fruits

The best bed size for dragon fruits is 0.3 m – o.6 m.

Space the plant lines 1 M apart to allow balance in water and nutrient intake.

Components of the Best Irrigation Systems for Dragon fruits

The ideal system to water dragon fruit plants are a connection of pipes, button drippers and filters. All these devices need to be of proper quality standard to ensure an operational irrigation system for your dragon plants.

You need the following;

  • Button drippers
  • Valves
  • Filtration Kits
  • Ball Valves
  • Fertilizer injectors
  • Main line pipes PVC or HDPE
  • Air release valves
  • Connectors and fittings
  • Laser Punch

Reasons for Button Drip Irrigation in Dragon Fruit Farming

  • Proper weed management
  • Better water supply and balance
  • Optimal nutrients reach to the dragon fruit plants.
  • Higher fruit yield because of maximum water supply.
  • Quality fruit yield development brought about by the nutrient supply through drip irrigation.
  • It conserves maximum water to allow for use in other purposes.

Installation of an Irrigation System for Dragon Fruits

  1. The first step is to consider the most suitable area to grow your dragon fruits. Avoid sloppy areas.
  2. Set up your water source, for instance, a tank needs to be raised at a high point. You can pump a clean dam or well water into a tank for drip irrigation use.
  3. purchase and assemble the pipes, fittings, and button drippers to make up the dragon fruit irrigation system.
  4. Securely lay and connect mainline pipes on the ground using fittings . Seek professional installation from Aqua Hub Kenya at friendly costs.
  5. Make holes on the delivery pipes using a laser punch and insert button drippers. Space the holes as per the crop spacing distance.
  6. Ensure to install filters and valves at the required points to allow for water regulation and removal of debris in the pipeline.
  7. Install end caps on pipe ends to prevent water loss.
  8. Test the system by opening water flow to check for faults and whether it functions well.

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