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Cost of Drip Irrigation Per Acre

Cost of Drip Irrigation Per Acre

Cost of Drip Irrigation Per Acre

Cost of Drip Irrigation Per Acre | Aqua Hub Kenya is the best dealer in drip irrigation Kits in the Country.

We supply the following drip irrigation kits:

  • Drip Lines (15 cm, 20 cm or 30 cm)
  • Connectors for the drip
  • HDPE Pipes & PVC Pipes fittings
  • HDPE or PVC pipes for Mainline Connection.

Drip Kit Connection

Determinant Factors

Cost of Drip Irrigation Per Acre depends on:

  • The size of the farm.
  • The length of drip line pipes.
  • The crops to grow.

The cost of setting up a drip irrigation system is estimated by considering the length of drip lines needed, or the total cost incurred per acre size.

Requirements For an Acre of Drip Irrigation System

  • Two or three drip line pipes are required for an acre of farm, depending on the type and spacing of the crops. Drip line pipes of 16 mm diameter and 800 m length are normally used for 1 acre of farm.
  • Water source and storage tanks (with tap and pipe connections)
  •  Mainline pipes and fittings. Mainly made of HDPE pipes and come in different costs according to diameter and size.
  •  Drip emitters/holes fitted in the drip line pipes. They have different water discharge rates depending on the size of the holes and the diameter of the pipes. Holes are made using punch hole makers.
  • Filters to trap soil and other substances that may block pipes.

Cost of Drip Kits Per Acre

Cost of Drip Irrigation Per Acre

Cost of Drip irrigation kits per acre is KES. 75,000 for 1 drip line per bed, KES.130,000 for 2 drip lines per bed and KES.160,000 for 3 drip lines per bed.
For other smaller farm sizes, the cost of installing a drip irrigation system is as follows;

Size/ Line per bed 1 Line Per Bed 2 lines Per Bed 3 Lines Per Bed
1 acre  KES. 75,000  KES. 130,000  KES. 160,000
1/2 acre  KES. 40,000  KES. 61,000  KES. 71,000
1/4 acre  KES. 28,000  KES. 40,000  KES. 50,000
1/8 acre  KES. 13,000  KES. 23,000  KES. 26,000

Where to Buy Drip Irrigation Kits in Kenya

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