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Everything You Need To Know About Irrigation Systems

Top 10 methods of Irrigation

Many people have thought about putting irrigation systems in their properties, but they are unsure of where to begin or how to get started, or they are concerned that the investment may be too expensive. Many individuals install irrigation to support the growth of their gardens for food or just for the enjoyment of gardening. Anyone contemplating installing an irrigation system or who already has one should be aware of a few important facts regarding irrigation. Everyone should be aware of a few fundamentals that will enable them to comprehend irrigation as a complete.

Impact sprinklers
Impact sprinklers


It is the process of supplying water to developing crops or plants to assist them growing so as to increase production. This can be achieved pipes, tubes, canals or sprays. An irrigation system’s main function is to help with plant watering so that they can flourish. These methods are frequently used in agriculture and landscaping. Irrigation has a wide range of applications and may be useful in a variety of situations.

Advantages of irrigation Systems

-increases crop production even in areas with little or no rainfall

-It reduces the growth of weeds in the farm because it’s only the areas with crops that are supplied with water

-irrigation system is also important in conservation of soil nutrients and structure

Important factors to consider before setting up irrigation systems

  1. Soil type. Some soils drains water quickly thus random irrigation should be carried out whereas other soils e.g. clay soils is able to hold up water for a particular period of time hence less irrigation frequency
  2. Nature of the land. It’s how hilly or levelled an area is specific method of irrigation system is preferred for these different areas
  3. Type of crops being grown-Different crops requires different amount of water
  4. Economic factors – some methods are expensive to set up and maintain, whereas others are cheap.

Methods of irrigation available in Kenya that one can use

Drip Irrigation systems

Pop Up sprinklers prices in Kenya
Pop Up sprinklers prices in Kenya

In this method water and nutrients are supplied to the plant directly. It could be on the surface or deep in crops roots. Water should be at low flow rate. This method can be used anywhere regardless of the terrain or type of soil

Sprinkler Irrigation

Water is supplied in a way similar to rainfall

Overhead irrigation

It is similar to sprinkler irrigation, water is piped and distributed under high pressure using sprinklers or guns

Rain house irrigation

This can be used for crops with close spacing example onions and vegetables. It is simple to set up ad maintain

Localized irrigation

Water is distributed under low pressure to each plant to ensure maximum delivery of water and nutrients to the plant

Surface Irrigation

Water is supplied to the ground and then brought to the surface by force of gravity. This method does not wet the soil

Rain hose irrigation system

Flood irrigation

Water is ran through trenches that are found in between crop

Perennial Irrigation

In this method water is controlled such that it runs into the field at regular intervals of the yea

Centre pivot

Water is supplied through the land in a circle or 360 degrees pattern. This ensures that every part of the land is well watered without discrimination

Irrigation is an excellent technique to keep your lawn and garden looking beautiful all season. Irrigation also helps crops thrive when the amount of water available is less than ideal. However, not all crops are well-suited to irrigation. If you believe you may benefit from an irrigation system, you should consult with an expert. Aqua Hub pros will be able to inform you what sort of system would be ideal for you and whether or not you actually require irrigation. Your system may be quickly installed with the correct firm to make all of your plants excellent. For further assistance, please contact us at 0790719020 in Nairobi or 0759372241 in Eldoret.