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How much does an impact sprinkler cost in Kenya?

How much does an impact sprinkler cost in Kenya? The cost of an impact sprinkler in Kenya varies depending on the model. The kind is frequently determined by the size of the input diameter. There are 1/2 inch, 3/4 inch, and 1 inch. The cost of impact sprinkler range between 500 and 1,300 Kenyan shillings. We supply the greatest impact sprinklers at cheap pricing. Most plants cultivated with this approach are leafy plants with hard steam, such as maize, coffee, tea, and pineapple. We make suggestions for the most effective impact sprinklers to use on your farm.

Cost of Impact Sprinkler in Kenya
Impact Sprinkler in Kenya

An irrigation device known as an impact sprinkler employs a revolving arm to disperse water across a huge area. Impact sprinklers are frequently applicable in agriculture and landscaping to irrigate crops and lawns. For the sprinkler to function, you have to mount it on a high stand or tripod. Then, a hose or pipe supplying water from a pump or another water source powers them. A nozzle on the sprinkler’s arm spins as water is ejected from it. Consequently, there is creation of a spray pattern that covers a particular region. Impact sprinklers are usually strong and reliable. They have control over the strength, range, and direction of the water spray. To save water and improve irrigation, some impact sprinklers additionally contain timers, flow control valves, and rain sensors.

How much does an impact sprinkler cost in Kenya?

The cost of impact sprinklers varies according to the desired size. The nozzle sizes of the agricultural sprinklers are 0.4 mm, 0.6 mm, and 0.8 mm for 1/2 inch, 3/4 inch, and 1 inch, respectively. To determine sizes, you consider the inlet diameter size. The cost of the impact sprinkler increases with the size of the inlet diameter.

Inlet Diameter SizeNozzle sizesCost in Ksh
1/2″ Impact sprinkler0.4 mmKES 500
3/4″ Impact sprinkler0.6 mmKES 800
1″ Impact sprinkler0.8 mmKES 1,300

Impact sprinkler: How does it operate?

An impact mechanism drives a spinning arm that shoots water in a circular pattern from an impact sprinkler. A more thorough description of how an impact sprinkler operates is provided below:

Impact sprinklers
Impact sprinklers
  1. A hose or pipe transports water to the impact sprinkler.
  2. The impact mechanism, which is normally found at the base of the sprinkler, is activated by the water flowing through the sprinkler.
  3. A little weight and spring are what make up the impact mechanism. When water runs through the sprinkler, the pressure of the water pushes the weight downward, compressing the spring.
  4. The spring contracts as the weight hits the bottom of its trip, releasing the weight and sending it upward once more.
  5. The spinning arm rotates as the weight increases and strikes a lever or arm. Typically, the arm is positioned on a pivot, allowing it to revolve in a circular motion.
  6. The spinning arm revolves, throwing water outward to water the surrounding area.
  7. The impact sprinkler may be set to revolve completely or to cover a specified region, depending on the user’s requirements.
  8. A valve or other device that regulates the flow of water through the sprinkler enables the user to modify the quantity of water delivered to the sprinkler.

What are the steps for the installation of an impact sprinkler?

Impact sprinkler cost in Kenya
  1. Select an appropriate place for the impact sprinkler. Place the sprinkler in a flat area with sufficient drainage. It should also be positioned such that it can cover the area you wish to water.
  2. Assemble the impact sprinkler as directed by the manufacturer. This normally requires attaching the impact mechanism to the sprinkler’s base and the spinning arm to the impact mechanism.
  3. Connect the hose or pipe that will carry water to the sprinkler to the inlet on the sprinkler’s base.
  4. Place the impact sprinkler on a tripod or other support structure and set it to the appropriate height.
  5. Connect the hose or pipe to the water supply and turn it on.
  6. Depending on your needs, adjust the impact sprinkler to circulate in a full circle or to cover a specified region. You may accomplish this by changing the impact mechanism or relocating the sprinkler on the tripod.
  7. Check that the impact sprinkler is working correctly and that the water is being spread evenly over the appropriate area.
  8. Make any required changes to the impact sprinkler to guarantee proper operation.
Impact sprinkler
Impact sprinkler

What are the importance of impact sprinklers?

  1. Impact sprinklers are simple to install and utilize. The connection to a hose or pipe will provide water to the desired area, and the setup can be on a tripod or other support structure.
  2. The cost of impact sprinklers is often lower than that of subsurface sprinkler systems or drip watering.
  3. Impact sprinklers are appropriate for lawns, gardens, and other outdoor places since they can effectively water big areas.
  4. Impact sprinklers allow you to customize the watering to meet your demands. They can circulate completely around or cover a small region.
  5. Impact sprinklers can endure the elements and frequently survive over several seasons.
  6. Impact sprinklers may be utilized on a variety of surfaces, including grass, soil, and hardscapes, and they can water plants of all sizes and varieties.
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