Greenhouse in Kenya

Difference Between Wooden Greenhouse and Steel Greenhouse

Wooden framed Greenhouses by Aqua HUB

Difference Between Wooden Greenhouse and Steel Greenhouse


Wooden and Steel Greenhouses


Wooden and Steel Greenhouses

Types of Green Houses in Kenya

Wooden and Steel Greenhouses are the common types of greenhouses in Kenya .

Often Farmers will compare the two in terms of prices and durability in this segment we break down the pros and the cons of the two.


The advantages of a Wooden Green House



  • It’s easy to install in any shape.
  • Easily maintained since wood /timber is easily available in case of a breakdown.
  • It’s steady to fasten hooks across any angle of the structure.
  • Wood being a natural heat retainer helps retain much heat in the greenhouse which is ideal in promoting fast plant growth within the greenhouse.


Disadvantages of Wooden Greenhouse.

  • Not ideal for areas prone to termites, since it will break down faster due to termite infestation.
  • Not ideal for areas with cool and wet temperatures this is because woods absorb moisture, which makes the wood weak and makes it vulnerable to strong winds.
  • Takes a longer time to treat the wooden poles.


Advantages of Steel Greenhouses
  • It’s more durable since it’s made from galvanized steel pipes.
  • Easily portable and also easy to install.
  • Easy to customize since metals can be easily fabricated to any size and shape.
  • Since its base is strong and durable it makes them not prone to winds and hail storms.
Disadvantages of Steel Green Houses
  • The cost of construction and maintenance is huge.

With the comparisons above a farmer is able to decide on what type of greenhouse they need.


The upside is that both Wooden and Steel Greenhouses are great in;

  • Shielding crops from adverse weather effects
  • Help in prolonged growing seasons
  • Can both be used to grow different high-value crops e.g. Greenhouse tomatoes? greenhouse capsicum, greenhouse horticultural crops.