Irrigation Systems

Quality Fertigation Systems in Kenya

Fertigation Systems

Different methods of feeding nutrients to crops exist including manual input of fertilizers to plant lines and spraying soluble feeds. Fertigation systems are effective techniques for applying fertilizers to crops.

Cost of Fertigation Systems in Kenya

The cost of purchasing a fertigation system/ fertilizer injector in Kenya depends on the size of the device.
Several sizes of fertilizer injectors are available and the cost ranges from KES 2000 to KES 6000 for ½ to 2-inch sizes.


Why Fertigation Systems?

  • Fertigation systems use irrigation water to distribute nutrients to plants. Drip irrigation is the main method to supply fertilizers as it offers a precise and balanced supply.
  • With drip irrigation, soluble fertilizer solution mixes with water and reaches crop root zones at equal rates.
  • The use of fertigation systems reduces the cost of fertilizer application as labor and time are reduced.
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Benefits of Fertigation

  • The plant root intake of Fertilizers is higher since the nutrients are supplied to the root zone thus absorption is easier.
  • Yield increases by 50 percent due to adequate supply of nutrients to the entire crop field
  • There is an even growth and higher yield due to a balance in the supply of water and nutrients.
  • There is efficiency in fertilizer use since the fertigation systems are designed to prevent excess or under-fertigation.
  • You can easily adjust the rate of fertilizer supply to match the nutrient needs as per the growth stage of the plants. The ball Valves attached to the venturi injector allows control of fertilizer amount fed to plants.
  • Offers flexibility which ensures control over fertigation for better productivity.

Factors to Consider When Applying Fertigation Systems

Quality of Irrigation Water

The sand and mineral content in the irrigation water should be measured. The availability of sand in irrigation water blocks the drip irrigation pipes thus reducing the nutrient reach to the plants.

why Quality of water matters 

It is ideal to identify the purity of the water to avoid excessive nutrients in the soil. For instance, high calcium-rich soil requires less calcium-rich fertilizers.

Soil Type

Various soil types have different water penetration rates. Sandy soil allows water to sink deep into the soil compared to loam soils.

Implication of the soil type on fertigation

Thus, the frequency of applying Fertilizers needs to be higher on less water-retentive soils. The deeper the water goes, the deeper the nutrients go thus making it difficult for shallow roots to absorb them.

Size of the farm

Consider the fertigation kit that can distribute Fertilizers effectively to your farm size. Often ensure the number of fertigation systems are enough to cover your farm.

Which Fertilizers are ideal for Fertigation Systems?

Soluble Fertilizers are best for use in Fertilizer systems. They include;

  • Urea, potassium, Phosphorous,
  • Ammonium phosphate, Potassium sulphate, and Nitrogen.
  • Iron, Magnesium, Zinc, Potassium Chloride, and nitrates.

Components of Fertigation Systems

Venturi Injectors

A simple device with a constriction in the middle between the inlet and the outlet part.

Fertilizer tank

Contains the nutrient solution to be fed into the Irrigation system. The suction tube submerges into the Fertilizer tank for it to suck water into the system.

Fertilizer pump

It acts as the main component of the control head. The Fertilizer solution can be added to Irrigation water at any desired ratio since it is stored in a non-pressurized tank.

How Fertigation System Supply Fertilizers

As water passes through the constriction, pressure drops resulting to the suction of Fertilizers. It has a suction pipe that allows Fertilizer solution to enter the mainline pipe through the venturi pipe.

Fertigation Systems

How to Select Fertigation Kits

  • Consider the maximum working pressure of the injector to ensure it matches that of the system.
  • Check the inlet and outlet pressure available of the drip irrigation system for the right selection.
  • Assess the performance of the venturi injector at very less pressure difference between inlet and outlet.
  • Buy the venturi according to the requirement of injection flow rate at the inlet and outlet pressure.
  • Consider a venturi fertigation kit with a check valve at the suction port.
  • Buy the venturi injector with their side assembly from the same company, don’t try to purchase and assemble the parts from different companies.
  • Determine the suitable sizes ranging from ¾” to 2” as per the requirement of fertilizer injection rate

Where to Buy Fertigation Systems in Kenya

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