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Drip Irrigation Repair in Kenya

Drip Irrigation Repair

Drip irrigation is susceptible to damage or malfunctions in various parts of the system such as pipes, filters, driplines, or fittings. Drip Irrigation repair is essential to bring back the system to life and plants can continue to grow effectively.

Issues that Require Drip Irrigation System Repair

  • Pipe sections or fittings leaking.
  • Clogging of mainline pipes or driplines and in the end, resulting in water not reaching some parts of the farm.
  • Uneven water distribution because of faulty installation.
  • Broken Pipes that are caused by human activities such as hand weeding.
  • Detachment of driplines due to animals running over them.
  • High sand content due to faulty filters

How to Solve Issues with Drip Irrigation System

There are several ways to correct damage in driplines including temporary or permanent solutions.

Improperly Laid Driplines

Sometimes it is common to find drip tape twisted or coiled at a certain point. This can prevent it from supplying water to the entire end of the farm.

Leakages in Pipe sections and driplines

Leakages are identifiable, and pools of water are found in farm parts. To solve this problem, either replace the leaking pipe and fittings or use tape to seal the hole.

Uneven water distribution in the irrigation system

Poor installation causes the drip irrigation system to supply water unevenly. Use of wrong fittings could result in leakages or pressure difference thus flow rates not reaching all areas.

Repair involves disconnecting the system and reinstalling it with suitable pipes and fittings. Use a recommended layout according to the landscape.

For damaged or broken driplines

It is ideal to use two couplings to repair a damaged pipe section.

Cut the pipe on the part with holes into two sections. Remove the damaged part of the pipe. Attach a similar pipe with the same length as the removed part.  Connect the insert pipe to one end of the pipe using a coupling. Connect the other end of the insert pipe to the other section of the original pipe using another coupling.

High Sand Content in the water

Water filters may cease to function properly if the mesh filter is damaged.  High silt levels are visible in the water supply and are a high risk of blocking the drip emitters. Replace the water filter in case the water filter is faulty.

The Benefit of Timely Repair

Without earlier detection and solving of damaged parts, severe losses occur on your irrigation systems.

Timely repairs enhance continuous water supply and therefore maximum crop production in your farm.

It saves a lot on the cost of installation of a new irrigation system or fresh replacement of components of an irrigation system.

Repairing your irrigation system prevents flooding on your farms and thus less erosion.

Tips for Maintenance and Repair

  • Frequent checks and monitoring of the components of your drip irrigation system to detect any faults early.
  • Avoid mismatches of threaded parts while making drip connections causes friction and thus loosening of the connection.
  • Use the right recommended fittings for installation.
  • To extend the irrigation system, consider the flow rates to ensure water supply will be even.

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