Irrigation Water Filters

Irrigation Water Filters Application and Maintenance

Irrigation Water Filters

Aqua Hub Kenya has a variety of irrigation water filters for removing dirt and impurities including sand, silt, and small pebbles in water. Irrigation systems block if filters are not introduced and, in the end, lowering the effectiveness of water supply in the field.

Why Irrigation Water Filters?

Filters are the safety measures added to irrigation systems to prevent the accumulation of debris and sand. As the water moves from the source it carries smaller particles of soil along the pipe. The particles are a danger to irrigation system components such as sprinkler nozzles, valves, and emitters.

It is therefore a solution to connect filters in the start of irrigation systems before the critical parts of irrigation systems. Doing so helps cut down many particles that could form mud and clog the system pipes and devices.

Filters by preventing clogging save you the cost of maintaining or replacing damage in your irrigation system.

Types of Irrigation Water Filters

  • Y-type screen filter
  • Y-type disc filter
  • T-type screen filter
  • T-type disc filter
  • Semi-automatic screen filter
  • Semi-automatic disc filter
  • Hydro cyclone filter

Screen Filters

Screen filters are the most common types for reducing sand and particle accumulation in irrigation systems. The cost of screen filters is extremely low compared to other types of filters.

Cleaning screen filters requires opening the closing cap to remove dirt from the mesh filter inside. Once you have cleaned and flushed the mesh filter, return it to place, close, and reconnect it to the system.

Properties of Screen Filters

  • Available in mesh sizes of   30,80,120,150 microns
  •  Made from chemically high-quality polymers that are UV and weather resistant.
  • Provided with specially designed vacuum breaker valve to avoid vacuum formation.
  • Available in T and Y-design types
  • T types have clamps made of reinforced polypropylene with plated steel for long durability.

Disk Filters

Disk Filters are special filters with high filtration efficiency due to their numerous discs designed to compact together.

Disc filters allow water to pass through the grids without giving entry to small particles and organisms. They have a self-cleaning mechanism that flushes out debris from the disc filters.

Properties of Disc Filters

  • Nylon Hybrid Clamp with SS Lock for high-pressure operations
  • Larger drain port with ¾” ball valve for quick drainage

Hydroclone Filter

A special type of Irrigation water filter that uses a dynamic design that generates a centrifugal action that separates dirt from water.

Features of Hydroclone water filters

  • Body made of reinforced engineering for durability
  • Available in sizes of 2″, 2 ½ “, and 3”.
  • Works on a maximum pressure of 5.9 bar
  • It has a dynamic design to enhance centrifugal force which separates dirt from water
  • Contains a drain port that releases dirt particles.
  • Has a drain valve for opening or closing the drainage port.

To clean a hydroclone filter, you just need to open it and wash it with water.

How much Filtration Do You Need?

To determine the rate and type of irrigation filter to use, you should evaluate the quality of water you are using on your irrigation system. If your water comes from rivers and wells then you need a higher filtration level.

Other sources of water with less sand content such as tanks can use screen filters.
Another thing to consider is the irrigation system you are working with. For critical systems with low pressure such as drip irrigation needs better filtration.

The larger the irrigation system, the easier for sediments to build up and thus the need for higher filtration connections.

Water Filter Suppliers in Kenya

Aqua Hub Kenya offers quality Irrigation water filters at competitive and lower prices.

Our Filters cost differently depending on the size of the filter at hand.

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