Greenhouse Farming

Capsicum Greenhouse Farming in Kenya

Capsicum Greenhouse Farming

Capsicum fruits have a high demand in Kenya as it is a great source of Vitamin A. They are used as spices in delicious meals. Aqua Hub Kenya trains and helps farmers to start and better their Capsicum Greenhouse Farming Venture. Through training, supply, and installation of our quality irrigation systems and growing structures, we are determined to contribute to the success of our farmers.

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Capsicum Greenhouse Farming

What are the Conditions for Capsicum Greenhouse Farming?

  • Ideal temperature range of 15 – 25 degrees Celsius.
  • Does well in dry irrigated areas
  • High altitude can reach 2000 meters above sea level.
  • Well-drained loamy soils

Capsicum Varieties in Kenya

Several varieties of capsicum do well in greenhouses and open fields. Has a bushy covering with several branches.

Bushy varieties such as Yolo and California do well in open fields. Commandant F1, Admiral F1, Nemalite F1, Green Bell F1 do well in greenhouses as they develop tall stems with few branches.

How to grow Capsicum in Greenhouses

Greenhouses are ideal for optimal growing conditions for capsicum. Unlike open-field cultivation, growing in greenhouses reduces disease attacks and improves general yield.

Before you decide on planting capsicum, you need to first research to identify the suitable varieties that work for you.

It is also ideal to learn how to prepare for the actual process of cultivating Capsicum.

Steps for Starting Capsicum Greenhouse Farming

  • Soil testing and analysis – Get an agronomist to test the PH of your soil and advice on which fertilizers to use.
  • Land Preparation – involves activities such as clearing bushes and digging the land or area for planting capsicum.
  • Setting up a greenhouse structure – Set up a desirable greenhouse structure to grow your capsicum. Acquire materials and technicians to construct your greenhouse from Aqua Hub Kenya. You will benefit from our experience in building durable greenhouses with our affordable and quality materials.
  • Preparing or Buying Capsicum Seeds – You can prepare your capsicum seeds on trays or nursery beds. Buying hybrid seeds from seedling vendors is an alternative if you want to grow urgently. However, it is better to grow your seeds, to avoid the extra cost of seedlings which can be expensive.

Capsicum Seedling Propagation and Transplanting

Raise Capsicum seedlings in nursery beds usually 1M wide and about 30 cm high. Make thin lines about 10 cm apart on the seedling beds and sow the capsicum seeds.

It is normally great to prepare your seedlings under insect nets or shade nets to protect against direct sunlight and pests.

Water thoroughly to ensure the seedlings get enough moisture for germination.

Transplanting should begin after 6 weeks, the moment seedlings have developed recommended height.

Spacing and Irrigation Techniques

Planting capsicum requires a spacing of about 30 cm to allow maximum space for growth. Proper spacing reduces nutrient, moisture and light competition thus making your capsicum develop to maximum capacity.

The plant has high water needs to yield large and bulky fruits, thus the need for drip irrigation. To acquire drip kits for your capsicum farm, we are the best suppliers to buy from.

Our drip kits come with the following items;

  • Driplines – with 30, 20 and 15 cm spacing – ideal for capsicum and other crops.
  • Pipes for connections
  • Fittings to ensure zero water leakages
  • Fertilizer application kits
  • Support structures (optional)

We also design quality greenhouses for our clients at affordable prices.

What size of Greenhouse for Your Capsicum Crops?

There is no limit to the greenhouse size you can choose for your capsicum farming venture. The ideal size remains within your ambition, but we can list the ideal sizes for you.;

  • 8 m by 15 M
  • 8 m by 24 m
  • 8 m by 30 m
  • 16 m by 40 m

Any other size can be applicable as long as it remains stable.

Why Capsicum Greenhouse Farming is Better than Open Field Farming

Capsicum Growing in Greenhouses makes the harvesting period extensive for a long season. For up to 6 months, you can continue plucking your capsicum fruits as the plants keep thriving due to sufficient growing conditions.

Your capsicum plants are safe from common diseases and pests as they are protected inside the greenhouse. Plus, the inner environment is not conducive for the survival of pests.

Greenhouse has a continuous supply of moisture from drip irrigation systems. Use of drip systems enhances moisture supply balance and aeration in the soil.

In greenhouse environments, less land is utilized to produce high yield of capsicum. Unlike open growing areas, a greenhouse occupies a small land.

Irrigation Systems and Greenhouse for Capsicum Farming 

Are you a  farmer dreaming of making a noble living through capsicum farming in Kenya? Consider us for Quality Greenhouses and Irrigation systems for Capsicum Farming.

The harvest from greenhouses is higher and best quality compared to the open field capsicum.

Capsicum Greenhouse Farming

Our greenhouses are durable and come with competitive prices designed to favor every farmer.

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