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How to Repair Lawn Sprinklers

Repair Lawn Sprinklers

Lawn Sprinklers are characterized by even water distribution to field lawns and compounds. If there are cases of uneven water supply or low flow rates, then you need to repair your lawn sprinklers.

Common Issues with Lawn Sprinklers

Sprinkler Heads not turning Completely

Lawn pop-up sprinklers can fail to turn completely due to faults with controllers. Controllers are responsible for turning on and off for irrigation of the lawn sprinklers.

In case of this, check for loose wires and ensure that the sensors or switches are working properly.

Sprinkler Head failure to Rise or Retract during Irrigation

Sprinkler Heads need to be checked and repaired immediately if they fail to rise or retract back at the onset of irrigation. Check to see whether the sprinkler head has clogged due to dirt, silt or other debris. Open the sprinkler head and clean it.

Check to see whether there are cracks or leaking parts in the sprinkler head and pipe sections.

Blocked Sprinkler Head Nozzles

Nozzles are tiny holes that allow water to come out of a sprinkler. Particles block the nozzles and sprinkler heads causing water not to be released.

Low water Pressure

Low water pressure causes the sprinklers to fail releasing water in the required manner and flow rate. The sprinkler heads may also fail to rotate thus making lawn irrigation difficult. The major cause of low water pressure in a lawn sprinkler system is adverse clogging of pipes and sprinkler heads.

Open the pipe connection and flush the system or replace clogged pipes for continuous water flow.

Items You Need to Repair Lawn Sprinklers

  1. Lawn Irrigation Suppliers in Kenya
  2. Garden Spade
  3. Bucket of water and Soap
  4. Sprinkler Solenoids to replace faulty solenoid
  5. Sprinkler heads to replace damaged sprinkler heads
  6. Cut-off riser to replace sprinkler riser

Ways to Repair Lawn Sprinklers

Replacing Damaged Sprinkler Heads

  • Dig around the sprinkler head using a garden spade. Be careful not to damage the underground mainline pipes.
  • Open the sprinkler head and remove it from the hole.
  • Insert a new Sprinkler Head
  • Screw it and tighten it to connect to the supply pipes.

How to Replace Damaged Sprinkler risers

  • Remove the sprinkler head
  • Open the riser by twisting it to reconnect from the sub-mainline pipes
  • Size the new sprinkler riser against the old riser and cut it with a PVC pipe-cutting tool.
  • Insert the new sprinkler riser to the hole and screw it to the connecting end of the saddle clamp.

How to Replace Solenoid Valves

  • Close the water supply.
  • Identify the sprinkler solenoid in the valve box.
  • Locate the wires that connect the main controller to the solenoid. The bundled wires will the connected with a plastic wire nut.
  • Separate twisted wires
  • unscrew the wire nut holding the wire bundles and uncoil the wires.
  • Remove the old solenoid by turning it counterclockwise.
  • Install the new solenoid by turning it clockwise by hand.
  • Connect the solenoid’s white wire to the system’s white wire with a wire nut.
  • Connect the other solenoid wire to the system’s power wire, which may be red or black.
  • Open the sprinkler system to test whether the solenoid valves are working

Benefits of Repair Lawn Sprinklers

  1. Checking and solving your lawn sprinkler issues can help save a lot of water that could have gone to waste.
  2. Saves you a lot of money as the water bills reduce.
  3. Choosing our expert services is an assurance that all issues affecting your lawn sprinklers are solved.
  4. Professional lawn repair includes advice on how to operate and monitor your lawn sprinklers to avoid damage.

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