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Planting Trays in Kenya

Planting Trays in Kenya by Aqua Hub kenya

Planting Trays in Kenya

Planting Trays in Kenya. Seedling trays are containers that are used for sowing seeds. Seed trays hold seedlings after germination until they are ready for transplanting. A seedling tray has cells or holes where seedlings are grown. The number of seedlings grown in a cell can vary from 2-3 depending on the type of plant.

Types of Planting Trays 

  • Planting Trays in Kenya by Aqua Hub kenya
  • Mesh seed tray: This makes it simple for water to drain. The ideal seed tray for holding numerous containers is mesh (pots). The holes in a mesh seed tray are too big to prevent washing away soil when watered, which is a disadvantage.
  • Sturdy seed trays with drainage holes : enhance proper drainage, and soil remains moisturized for seed germination. It is suitable for sowing numerous seeds due to good drainage.
  • Solid seed tray without drainage holes (leakproof seed tray): A solid seed tray without drainage holes is best for holding a cell flat, Since it holds water from watering seeds.

Types of Crops that can be Propagated using Seed Trays

  • Vegetable Seeds

Tomato, Brinjal,Chili,Capsicum,Cabbage,Cauliflower,Onion & Leek

  • Flowering Annuals

Marigold,Balsam,Aster,Zinnia & Vinca

How to use Planting Trays

Planting Trays in Kenya by Aqua Hub kenya

A special type of Soil ( Coco peat or Peat moss) is filled in the tray holes, and seeds are planted and watered until germination occurs. Once they germinate, they are kept in the shade and watered for 3–4 weeks, where they are transplanted to the farm.

Cost of Planting trays in Kenya

Tray  No of cells  Cost (KES)
Seedling Tray 50 KES.140
72 KES.140
128 KES.140
200 KES.140
288 KES.140


Where to Buy Planting Trays in Kenya

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