Saddle Clamps in Kenya

Saddle Clamps for Irrigation

We offer the best and highest-quality saddle clamps in Kenya. We provide this product, which satisfies the needs of both strength and durability, at the most competitive price available. The valve body with packing nuts and an open appendix attached on one end make up our saddle clamps for pipes. To stop irrigation water leakage, they have a sealing washer that sits between the pipe and clamp. Saddle clamp brackets are on the other side of the irrigation water supply line. The pipe is still wedged between the two bolts that are tightened to the valve.

Saddle Clamps in Kenya

A saddle clamp is an equipment that makes it simple and safe to attach HDPE irrigation water pipes. Regardless of the irrigation water supply’s pressure, these devices work. A saddle clamp must be used to secure an irrigation water pipe in position. Through an already-drilled hole, the saddle clamp is fastened to the pipe. The size of the drilled hole is determined by the saddle clamps’ appendix hole.

Our clamps are constructed with a valve body, packing nuts, and an open appendix on one end. They include a sealing washer that sits between the pipe and the clamp to prevent irrigation water leaking. On the other side of the irrigation water supply line is a saddle clamp bracket. The pipe is squeezed between two bolts that secure it to the valve.

Our saddle clamps, which comes in sizes 25–160, is specifically made for a low exit from PE and PVC pipes with a working pressure of up to 10 bar. The saddles are completely watertight, very easy to use, quick and simple to reuse, frost proof, appropriate for use in bright sunshine, and very impact resistant.

What are prices of saddle clamps in Kenya?

Size  Cost
25mmx20mm                250
25mmx3/4″                250
32mmx1/2′                300
32mmx3/4′               300
32mmx1′               350
40mmx1/2′                380
40mmx3/4′                400
40mmx1′                400
50mmx3/4′                420
50mmx1′                420
50mmx11/4′                450
63mmx3/4′                550
63mmx1′                550
63mmx11/4′                550
63mmx11/2′                550
75mmx1′                700
75mmx11/2′                700
90mmx1′               1000
90mmx11/2′               1000

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