Greenhouse in Kenya

Greenhouse Types in Kenya

Metallic Greenhouse By Aqua Hub Kenya

There are several Greenhouse Types in Kenya. The Greenhouse Types in Kenya depends on different categories. First, we can categorize them depending on the material used for the structure, wooden or metallic greenhouses. Second, we can categorize them depending on the design of the greenhouse. Thirdly, is the categorization depending on the growing solution module, where we have The BASIC module, The PLUS module, and The ADVANCED module. The type of the greenhouse you decide on will depend on the crop and the budget that you have. Our professionals are available to help you decide on the greenhouse type that is best for your need.

Greenhouse types in Kenya

We base the types of greenhouses we build in Kenya on three broad categories;

Top 10 tips for Greenhouse Farming
Top 10 tips for Greenhouse Farming

Material of the structure

1. Wooden greenhouse

Wooden greenhouses feature an A-frame structure with a top vent, and we construct them from round poles or planks. They have wall passes, and we nail them together for wind resistance. Wooden greenhouses are the best option for farmers on a small budget. We construct affordable wooden greenhouses using locally available wood and poles. Compared to metal greenhouses, they are less costly. Wood used to build wooden greenhouses is sturdy, high-quality, and ethically sourced. Comparing a wooden greenhouse to a galvanized structure reduces the farmer’s investment costs.

2. Metallic greenhouse

We use Steel bars to erect metallic greenhouses. The edges have stronger and thicker steel bars acting as anchors. The lighter steel gauge serves as both the interior crop support system and is located on the roof. The placement of the greenhouse determines the steel bar thickness that we use. Depending on the material, prices for metallic greenhouses in Kenya will also vary. Galvanized greenhouses are more expensive than non-galvanized greenhouses. Our long-lasting greenhouses are very affordable. The farmer will produce more as a consequence and get a steady income. Excellent ventilation in our greenhouses reduces the risk of sickness and requires fewer chemicals overall. The greenhouse’s price will depend on the materials used in its construction.

The greenhouse design

1. Tunnel greenhouse

These greenhouses have a smooth, curved appearance and resemble half-moon-shaped buildings. They are common in Kenya’s highlands since they have just side ventilation.

2. Vent greenhouse

These greenhouses are designed with an additional provision for rooftop ventilation openings, making them suitable for hot regions. These are for extremely hot weather, defined as daily average temperatures of over 30 degrees Celsius. This is for areas with a mid- to low-altitude.

The growing solution module

1. The basic module

With a gutter height of 4 m and a fixed ventilation window at the top of the greenhouse, the Basic greenhouse module produces a favorable growth climate. The sides are open and netting-covered. The crop load can be supported by the internal frame. The production is soil-based, with water and fertilizer applied manually via drip lines.

Cost of Greenhouse in Kenya

2. The Plus module

The greenhouse structure in the Plus module is the same as in the Basic module, with the addition of the ability to manually open and close the top vent and side walls. Water and fertilizer application, unlike the basic module, is automated. This will enable for the timely administration of nutrients and water on a predetermined schedule based on the demands of the plants. As in the Basic module, production is based on soil.

3. The Advanced module.

The interior growing environment is completely automated regulated in the advanced module, resulting in ideal growing conditions for maximum vegetable crop output. A moveable screen protects the plants and optimizes the growth conditions in the greenhouse. The application of water and fertilizer is comparable to that of the Plus module. The substrate is a 50%-50% blend of coco peat and pumice.

Thinking on venturing into greenhouse farming? Don’t worry we’ve got you. The greatest and most cost-effective greenhouses are available from Aqua Hub Kenya at reasonable pricing. We provide all the types of greenhouses including customized ones for your needs. Additionally, we provide advice on the finest greenhouse procedures that farmers should apply. Contact NAIROBI at 0790719020 or ELDORET at 0759372241 for additional information.