Greenhouse in Kenya

Best Greenhouse Company in Kenya

Best Greenhouse Company in Kenya

Aqua Hub is the Best Greenhouse Company in Kenya. We take pride in providing Kenyan farmers with affordable greenhouses, greenhouse building materials, irrigation systems, dam liners, and agricultural inputs in general. We have specialized in greenhouse construction in Kenya. Our greenhouse costs are fair and durable. Aqua Hub Kenya professionals create one-of-a-kind structures that are assured to be stable. Aqua Hub Kenya is Kenya’s leading supplier of both metallic and wood greenhouses. Tunnel greenhouses and vent greenhouses are the two types of greenhouse structures we provide.

Aqua Hub as the Best Greenhouse Company in Kenya

We provide both metal and wooden greenhouses in a variety of sizes and styles. While wooden greenhouses have an A-frame design, metal greenhouses have a tunnel shape. The strong, 4.5-meter-tall frames of our greenhouses are constructed of premium materials for long-term use. In order to accommodate certain climatic conditions, we build greenhouses. Our durable, cost-effective greenhouses are built to last. As a result, the farmer will produce more and earn more consistently. Our greenhouses have excellent ventilation, which lowers the risk of disease and consumes fewer chemicals overall.

Metallic Greenhouse By Aqua Hub Kenya

Types of Greenhouses and their prices

There are many different types of greenhouses on the market nowadays. They come in a range of sizes and shapes, as well as materials and heating processes. Aqua Hub sells metal and wood greenhouses. Our greenhouse prices vary based on the type of greenhouse, the size of the greenhouse, and any other services desired. The costs of wooden greenhouses differ from those of metallic greenhouses.

Metallic Greenhouses

Metallic Greenhouses from Aqua Hub are custom-made to match the needs of farmers and are built in the shortest amount of time possible. The pricing of our steel galvanized greenhouse is inexpensive and long-lasting. Aqua Hub Kenya specialists create one-of-a-kind structures that are assured to be stable. Metallic Greenhouse Prices in Kenya have a wide range.

Greenhouse SizeEstimated Crop PopulationCost of Construction
 ( 8 x 15 ) Meters450- 500240,000
 ( 8 x 24 ) Meters700-800270,000
 ( 8 x 30) Meters1000-1200365,000
 (16x 30) Meters1500- 2000700,000

Wooden Greenhouses

When opposed to a galvanized structure, a wooden greenhouse saves the farmer money in Kenya. Aqua Hub Kenya provides farmers with the option of building greenhouses in Kenya using locally accessible materials. The cost of a greenhouse in Kenya varies according on its size. These greenhouse rates in Kenya will also differ based on the size of the greenhouse and the polythene cover.

Greenhouse SizeEstimated Crop PopulationCost of Construction
 (8 x 15) Meters450- 500165,000
 (8 x 24) Meters700-800180,000
 (8 x 30) Meters1000-1200240,000
 (8 x 45) Meters1500- 2000390,000

The price of a greenhouse in Kenya includes the cost of building one, the materials used, and any additional costs. Our greenhouse’s price in Kenya includes;

  • Structure (Steel or Wood) 
  • UV Polythene paper for greenhouses 
  • Greenhouse drip kit
  • Agriculture net for ventilation (optional) 
  • Agriculture net for ventilation (optional) 
  • Filtration system
  • A system of shade netting.

Aqua Hub Kenya offers the best and most economical Greenhouse at affordable prices. We provide both metallic and wooden greenhouses. We also offer tips on best greenhouses practices that farmers should adopt. For more details, contact: NAIROBI: 0790719020 | ELDORET: 0759372241