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Micro Sprinklers and Drip Irrigation for Orchards

Micro Sprinklers and Drip Irrigation

There are a variety of ways to supply water to orchards including under-tree micro sprinklers and drip irrigation.

Ways to Irrigate Orchards

Under Tree Micro Sprinklers

Micro Sprinklers and Drip Irrigation

Micro sprinklers supply water under low pressure compared to Overhead and Rain Gun Sprinkler irrigation.

These small sprinkler heads produce a higher flow rate which is more than sufficient for the growth of fruits. Rain-like sprays produced by the micro sprinkler heads are enough to soak the soil and penetrate deep. This helps to lower the dry effect caused by the evaporation of the moisture from the soil.

Micro sprinklers are normally laid under the tree to directly supply water to the root zones. This makes it a better way to prevent fruit rot and fungal infections on the leaves.

 Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation of orchards is by rings of drip lines laid around each tree.

It is an effective method to allow moisture supply to orchard crops without wasting much water.

There is more as to why most people prefer drip irrigation than other methods such as overhead sprinkler irrigation or furrow irrigation.

Drip lines allow a dripping effect on the trees, saving on a lot of water. The ability to regulate and balance the volume of water reaching each tree.

The drip irrigation system is easy to connect and use as no knowledge of operating is needed.

As trees grow, you can change drip lines and connect bigger sizes to accommodate the water requirements of the orchard.

How to install an Irrigation System for Orchards

To install an orchard irrigation system, you require several pipes and fittings. The most common pipes and fittings to use are.

  • 32 mm Mainline Pipe
  • Tubing pipe
  • Dripline
  • HDPE elbow
  • End Cap
  • Coupling
  • Pressure regulator.
  • Check Valves
  • Micro Sprinkler

Steps to Install a Drip Irrigation System on Orchards

  1. Install a water filter to the tank connector.
  2. Lay and connect the mainline pipe to the water supply such as a tank connection.
  3. Lay the mainline tubing and connect it to the mainline pipe using a coupling.

Benefits of Drip Irrigation for Orchards

Water Efficiency

There is higher irrigation efficiency with drip kits for fruits, as it gives a balance in water and nutrients reaching each tree. It boosts the rate of aeration and water presence in the soil owing to its connection and ability to lower or increase irrigation frequencies.

Weed Suppression

Using drip irrigation makes your orchards free from weeds and heavy undergrowth. As you know, water only falls on the root zone, other parts are dry and thus do not support weed growth.

Prevents Fungal Diseases

Drip irrigation does not result in fungal infections which is common to sprinkler and rain hose irrigated crops. Fruits are thus free from rotting and falling from the action of overhead irrigation.

Better Fruit Quality and Yield

The use of Drip irrigation makes the orchards produce high-quality fruits.

Benefits of Using Micro Sprinklers and Drip Irrigation Kits

Adequate Water Supply to Orchard

Micro Sprinklers offer sufficient water supply to your orchards. Higher flow rates make it easier to meet high water requirements for fruits.

Uniform growth of Fruits

Using Micro sprinkler heads enhances a balance in the water supply to the trees and thus same height and fruit production.

Large Radius of Coverage

Micro sprinklers irrigate a wide area thus making the roots grow extensively. The water absorption rate is thus increased and therefore effective fruit growth.

Micro Sprinklers and Drip Irrigation Kits for Orchards in Kenya

Micro sprinklers and drip irrigation kits are available for sale at low costs in Aqua Hub Kenya. We have various drip kit accessories and sprinklers.

Micro Sprinklers and Drip Irrigation Kit Prices in Kenya

Micro sprinklers are sold at KES 150 each.

Drip lines price varies as per the farm size in acres.

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