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Rain Hose Kits for Sale

Rain Hose Kits for Sale

Rain Hose kits for Sale are fully complete sets of all components and equipment to install rain pipe irrigation system. Aqua Hub deals in sales and installation of rain hose irrigation systems at very convenient prices.

Why is Rain Hose appropriate?

Rain hose irrigation kits are one of the most reliable methods of irrigating crops.
With lower pressure requirements and lower cost of running day-to-day rain hose irrigation, rain hose kits can guarantee a long irrigation period. You can use one rain hose pipe or a few to irrigate a big farm. The cost of irrigation that could have been used for purchasing and installing more drip lines in your farm is saved.

Components of Rain Hose Kits 

  1.  Rain Hose pipe – The actual rain hose delivery pipe that delivers overhead rain jets of water. The pipe is drilled with nano punching technology that makes the emitter holes on the pipe surface.
    Rain hose pipes vary in size, length, and pressure rating, which determines the distance of throw or head.
  2. HDPE pipes – High density polythene pipes enhance water supply from source tanks or wells to the delivery hose pipes.
  3. Control valves – Ideal for controlling the flow of water in farm sections.
  4. Start connectors – barbed connectors are for connecting mainline and rain hose pipes together for secure connection.
  5. End caps – The end of rain hose pipes require end caps to seal the connection.
  6. Pumps – Rain hose pipes require a pressure of 3 bars and above, so you need a pump of more than 30 m per head pressure.

How to Install Rain Hose pipes

Installation of rain hose pipes and fittings is easier and takes less time. For a first-time installation you need to purchase all the requirements and ensure the area is suitable for rain hose irrigation.
Steps to conduct a one-time installation of Rain Hose Pipes includes:

  1.  Clearing the farm for rain hose pipe installation
  2. Connecting the main line pipes to the water source point.
  3. Join the rain hose pipe to the main line pipe using reducing connectors or any other suitable connector.
  4. Make holes in the rain hose pipe using nano punching machine.
  5. Open the water control valves to test the connection effectiveness.

For maintenance and repair of rain hose irrigation get the right pipe or fitting to replace and purchase the good quality from Aqua Hub Kenya. Most parts of rain hose kits are threaded for easier repair process. Once you have the right kit, simply open, and replace it with a new one.

Aqua Hub Rain Hose Kits for Sale

We have quality rain hose pipes and fittings at our shops. Our rain hose kits are quality and durable accessories for lower rates. We also supply impact sprinklers, pipes, drip kits, button drippers, rain gun sprinklers and other irrigation accessories.

Cost of Aqua Hub Rain Hose Kits 

The Cost Prices of rain hose vary according to pipe size as shown;

  • 32 mm – KES. 3,500.
  • 40 mm – KES. 5,500.
  • 50 mm – KES. 7,500.

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