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Dam Liners and Pond Liners in Kenya

Buy Quality and Affordable Dam liners and Pond liners from Aqua Hub Kenya. Price per meter square in KES 0.3 mm    -190/- 0.5 mm - 240/- 0.75 mm - 330/- 1 mm   - 420/- Aqua Hub Kenya provides you with very high-quality dam liners and pond liners at an affordable price. We are among the leading suppliers and installers of dam liner and pond liners in the country. Our dam liners are 0.3 mm, 0.5 mm, 0.75 mm, and 1 mm thick. They are in widths to fit the size and shape of the reservoir or tank. They are Black in color & UV treated. To place your order, call 0790719020

Drip Irrigation in Kenya

Get Quality and Affordable Drip Irrigation from Aqua Hub Kenya. We provide all the accessories needed for drip line irrigation. Our drip irrigation systems consist of the drip lines and the drip fittings. We do sell this drip irrigation independently or as a unit, drip irrigation kits. For the drip components, prices vary depending on the type and quantity. For the drip kits, the prices depend on the size of the farm. In most cases, our drip kit prices depend on the acreage of the farm and the lines per bed. Drip irrigation is a cost-effective and efficient method of watering your farm. Drip irrigation is 90 percent efficient in allowing plants to utilize the water delivered. To place your order, call 0790719020

HDPE Pipes in Kenya

Aqua Hub Kenya supplies various sizes of HDPE Pipes starting from ;
  • 16 mm,20 mm,25 mm,32 mm,40 mm,50 mm,63 mm,75 mm,90 mm & 110 mm. 
Our prices are the most competitive and affordable in the Kenyan markets. To place your order, call: 0790719020

Metallic Greenhouse in Kenya

Buy affordable Metallic greenhouses from Aqua Hub Kenya
The metallic greenhouses come in four sizes: 8 by 15 meters, 8 by 24 meters, 8 by 30 meters, and 16 by 30 meters. The prices of the metallic greenhouses vary based on the sizes. The cost of the greenhouses is anywhere between Ksh. 240,000 and Ksh. 700,000. To place your order, call 0790719020

Rain Gun Sprinklers in Kenya

Aqua Hub Kenya has stocked various Rain Gun sprinklers in its branches all over Kenya. We have several types of sprinklers:
  • Rain Guns made of Brass or Plastic  (Requires high Pressure) – 32 mm, 50 mm & 63 mm
  • Impact Sprinklers  (Made of plastic) – 25 mm &32 mm
  • Pop Up sprinklers (For Lawns – Also requires high pressure)- 20 mm & 32 mm
  • Butterfly sprinklers (Low pressure for grass)
  • FLANGE Rain Gun Sprinklers – New product that performs well. (Highly recommended)
For more information, Call: 0790719020.

Rain hose Irrigation in Kenya

Get Quality and Affordable Rain Hose Irrigation from Aqua Hub Kenya. Aqua Hub Provides the best, high-quality and affordable rain hose irrigation in Kenya. Rain hose irrigation is a method of watering crops where delivery of water to the plants is through a system of tubes or hoses. Our rain pipes are available from 1 inch to 1,1/2 inches with the length of 30 and 50 m. In case of a long trench, we join our rain pipes using special connectors with rings on both ends. Our technicians are up-to-date on various metrics and new installation techniques required for rain hose irrigation. Rain hose irrigation prices varies depending on sizes. The cost is between Ksh 3,400 to Ksh 5,500. To place your order, call 0790719020

Shade Nets in Kenya

Buy Quality and Affordable Shade Nets from Aqua Hub Kenya. We provide the best and high quality shade nets in Kenya. Our Shade Nets are made of synthetic fibre that is UV Treated to provide shading solutions to farmers. We have different shade nets depending on filtration density; 35%, 55%, 60%, 75% and 90%. The dimension of our shade net is 4mtrs (width) * 50mtrs (length). The price of the shade range from Ksh 70 to Ksh 160 per square meter depending on the filtration density. To place your order, call 0790719020

Wooden Greenhouses in Kenya

Buy Quality Wooden Greenhouses from Aqua Hub Kenya Prices of Wooden / Metallic greenhouses in Kenya ranges from Ksh 165,000 to and Ksh 390,000 for the different sizes. The cost of a wooden greenhouse in Kenya varies according to its size. They come in different sizes. They are the ideal option for farmers with limited resources. To place your order, call 0790719020 Wooden Greenhouse in Kenya