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Ball Cork – Single Union

Ball Cork – Single Union has various sizes ranging from : 20 mm – 110 mm Their prices depend on the size of the valve : Ksh. 150 - Ksh 4,500

Ball Corks

Aqua Hub Kenya sell threaded and unthreaded PVC Ball corks. We have various sizes including: 20 mm,25 mm,32 mm,40 mm,50 mm,63 mm,90 mm & 110 mm. Our Ball corks have special feature that is :
  • They are UV-Treated (10 years guarantee)
  • They are heavy quality (Pn 16)
To make orders, call: 0790719020

End cap

End caps act as protective device and are designed to protect pipe ends of various shapes. The main purpose of using pipe caps is to waterproof the connections. They are also used to close the ends of hydraulic or pneumatic pipes and tubes. They are used in the plumbing apparatus of domestic, commercial and industrial water supply lines, machinery and processing equipment etc. They are also fitted on water pump lines with the sole purpose of removing air blocks. Pipe caps are highly demanded as an important category of pipe fittings.

Foot valve

A foot valve is a sort of check valve that is often located at the bottom of a pipeline or at a pump (hence the name). Foot valves function similarly to ball check valves, but they have an open end with a shield or screen covering it to prevent debris from entering the line. Foot valves keep the suction line between the tank and the pump set primed by preventing oil from returning to the main tank. Foot valves offer a better level of safety than check valves, which may be situated closer to the pump set.

Male Adapters

Male Adapters by Aqua Hub Kenya are the best with the following features:
  • They are UV-Treated ( Heat-Resistant)
  • Pressure bar of ( Pn 16)
  • They come in 20 mm,25 mm,32 mm,40 mm,50 mm,63 mm,75 mm,90 mm &100 mm
They are available in both millimetres and inches : To place your order, Call: 0790719020

PVC Coupling

PVC Coupling in Kenya used in water delivery and irrigation purposes : Aqua Hub Kenya supplies in mm and Inches Our sizes range from 20 mm to 110 mm and their prices also depends on their thickness

PVC Elbow

PVC Elbow comes in different sizes: 20mm, 25 mm,32 mm,40 mm,50 mm,63 mm,75 mm,90 mm & 110 mm Aqua Hub Kenya also stocks Elbows in INCHES all the same for all the sizes .


PVC Tees are used to join three pieces of PVC pipe of the same diameter, creating an interlinking change of directional flow within the pipe system.

Reducing Tee

Reducing Tees are a pipe fitting used to connect three pieces of pipe at an angle of 90 degrees, two of the same diameter and the other branched away from the larger pipe to a reduced diameter.

Threaded Ball Corks

Buy best quality  Ball Cork Threaded at Aqua Hub Kenya. Available in various sizes at affordable prices.


A pipe union is a type of fitting used to connect two pipes without causing any harm to the pipes. Pipe unions are capable of readily disjoining two pipes. They are widely used in the pipe fitting industry. The majority of pipe unions are made up of two pipes joined together by a third component. To provide a secure connection, all three are threaded.

Valve Socket

The valve socket is solvent cement jointed to a pipe spigot. The male-threaded end of the valve socket provides a connection for a PVC, brass or galvanised wrought iron threaded valve-type fitting. Aqua hub offers this product at the most attractive price around, which satisfy the requirements of both strength and durability. Available in: 25 mm, 32 mm, 40 mm, 50 mm, 63 mm, 75 mm, 90 mm