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Irrigation for Chillies

Irrigation for Chillies

Irrigation for chillies is critical to guarantee that the crop receives the necessary amount of water. The majority of pepper plants die as a result of inadequate watering. If done correctly, the root ball will not dry out. If this happens for a short period of time, the plants will recover fast after watering. The cause of majority of chillie breeding issues is by insufficient irrigation. Whether in the high bed, balcony box, bucket, or garden. Water logging causes the roots to decay and the chili to lose its leaves. The watering of chili peppers varies according to the cultivation area. If we grow the chilli inside, the watering should be daily, while if we grow it outside, the watering should not be frequent because of the rains that may occur. We advise you to water at least twice a day if the temperature rises over 25°.

Chili farming in Kenya

Chili farming in Kenya is an uncommon type of agricultural by both local and large-scale farmers. The climate in Kenya is ideal for cultivating chilies. Chilli cultivation has been a thriving business in Kenya for decades. Chili pepper, a member of the Solanaceae family, is becoming an increasingly important household component. Their fresh, fleshy fruits are used to make sauces, season foods, and flavor stews and soups. Chilies require an elevation of 1,500 meters above sea level. They should be grown in an area with plenty of sunshine. Temperatures between 20 and 30 degrees Celsius are ideal. In Kenya, the temperature range mentioned above applies to the Kerio Valley, the area surrounding Lake Victoria, and the coastal region.

Irrigation for Chillies
Irrigation for Chillies

Irrigation for Chillies

Since chilli plants cannot tolerate excessive moisture levels, water is only provided as needed. In the commercial production of chillies, frequent watering or intensive irrigation causes flower loss and bony vegetative growth. Additionally, the requirement for irrigation in plants is continually influenced by the soil, environment, and climate.

This crop needs consistent soil moisture during the whole growing season. Nonetheless, have a low tolerance for both drought and floods. The greatest irrigation technique for farming in an area with a water shortage issue is drip irrigation. Immediately after sowing the seedling on the main field, irrigate the crop. Following that, water should be administered according to need.

Drip irrigation for chillies

Drip irrigation will allow us to irrigate our chilli plants in a more efficient manner, minimizing stagnation and waste caused by inefficient water use. This sort of irrigation enables us to efficiently and successfully regulate irrigation schedule and amount. The tape also helps us to irrigate accurately and punctually into the roots, resulting in higher plant yields. Aqua Hub Kenya offers the best drip kit bundle for chilli irrigation. Our drip kits are very inexpensive and of the highest quality. Drip Kit Prices in Kenya vary based on land size.

Determining the price of drip kit for chilli farming

Irrigation for Chillies
Irrigation for Chillies

The primary elements we consider when calculating drip kit prices are the number of drip lines per bed and the area under drip system installation. Drip irrigation pipes are used to supplement our irrigation systems. PVC and HDPE are used to make these irrigation pipes. Every drip kit, whether gravity flow or pump-powered, includes a drip irrigation pressure regulator. Our drip kit for the chilli farming comes with the following;

  • Tank & Suitable Tank Stand
  • Tank Connection
  • Filtration System
  • Main Pipe Connection
  • Sub-Main Pipe
  • Pipe to Drip Connections (Start connectors and Control Valves)
  • Drip Lines
  • End Lines (Drip Ends)

Drip kit prices for chilli farming in Kenya

Our pricing are broken down by acreage and the amount of lines per bed. We also create custom projects to meet the demands of our clientele.

Size / Lines Per Bed1 Line2 Lines3 Lines
1 Acre65,00095,000130,000
1/2 Acre30,00045,00060,000
1/4 Acre16,00025,00035,000
1/8 Acre10,00015,00020,000

Aqua Hub is committed to providing you with the best and quality drip irrigation systems for your chilli farming. We are the leading supplier of all Irrigation Equipment in Kenya. Our products are durable and most of them are UV Treated with a 5-year guarantee duration. For more information reach us through; NAIROBI: 0790719020 | ELDORET: 0759372241