Greenhouse in Kenya

Greenhouse Technicians In Kenya

Greenhouse Technicians In Kenya

Greenhouse and Irrigation Technicians by Aqua Hub, Kenya

Greenhouse Technicians In Kenya is a field that needs to be handled carefully. For correct design and Installation, Aqua Hub has a Variety of Technicians from Greenhouse, Dam Liners, Shade houses & Irrigation Systems. Our Technical team is qualified and certified.

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  1. How to choose a greenhouse Technician?

    Greenhouse technicians are in charge of the design and installation of the greenhouse or Shade House. Suitability questions depend on the experience and the technical know-how of the technician. Aqua Hub Kenya offers the best greenhouse construction services in Kenya. Call 0790719020 for more details.

What are Greenhouse Materials in Kenya?

a) Greenhouse Polythene (200 Microns, UV Treated)
b) Steel or Wooden Design (Depending on the size of the Greenhouse)
c) Ventilation Chambers made of Shade Nets
d) Drip Kit (Having Filtration Unit and Control System)
e) Tank and a suitable Tank Stand

Greenhouse Technicians by Aqua Hub Kenya

Where Can I get a Greenhouse farming guide?


You can purchase a green House from Aqua Hub Kenya, which is one of the leading Greenhouse companies in Kenya. We sell durable, quality, and affordable greenhouses.

What is in the Greenhouse Farming Guide?


i) Design and Installation steps
ii) Seedling Propagation
ii) Transplanting
iii) Pest & Diseases application

What are the types of Green Houses In Kenya?

The most common types of Green Houses in Kenya are vent and doom-shaped greenhouses. They can be wooden, galvanized, or normal steel with aluminum paint.

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6 Steps to Greenhouse Installation in Kenya

  • The first step is to consult with us, and we advise on the size you will need and the type.
  • After consulting and confirming what you require, payment is done.
  • Fabrication of the steel pipes to the size of your preferred Green House Starts.
  • The fabricated steel pipes are fastened to the ground using cement and ballast.
  • They are left to dry up, this makes them firm to the ground and prevents them from being blown away by the wind.
  • The next step is to cover with the net and Greenhouse polythene

What is the cost of Acquiring a wooden Greenhouse in Kenya?

Size Structure Cost Installation Days
(8 x 15) m   KES. 165,000 2 Days
(8 x 24) m Wooden KES. 180,000 3 Days
(8 x 30) m   KES. 240,000 3-5 Days
(16 x 30) m Wooden Guttered KES. 360,000 4-6 Days

What is the cost of Acquiring a Galvanized Metallic Greenhouse in Kenya?

Size Structure Cost Installation Days
(8 × 15) m   KES. 200,000 1 Day
(8 × 24) m Galvanized Metallic KES. 270,000 2 Days
(8 × 30) m   KES. 340,000 3 Days
(16 × 30) m   KES. 650,000 4 – 6 Days
What factors to consider before purchasing a greenhouse?
  1. Location (Climatic Conditions)
  2. Type of crop grown
  3. Topography of the Land
  4. Farm Management Practices 
  5. Wind inclination
  6. Volumes of the crops to be grown
Factors to consider while choosing a greenhouse technician
  1. Technical Capacity
  2. Experiences (Completed projects)
  3. Job Execution Speed
  4. Material handling & Installation
  5. Design and Fabrication

Why use a Greenhouse?

  • Have prolonged growing seasons.
  • Healthy crops due to optimal growing temperatures.
  • Promotes growth of multiple crops.
  • Promotes gardening in any weather since crops are in a protected environment.

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